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Fryway To Hell: 4 Awesome Air Fryers For a Mans Kitchen

Air fryers were only invented in 2010, since then they have hit the kitchen scene like a lean leg of chicken hitting a banjo. Air fryers are a type of […]

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Help Yourself; Don’t Buy Self Help Books

Just as somebody once wittily quipped – ‘Friendly fire, isn’t’… self help books, don’t. I worked as a face to face salesman for a year in a job where I […]

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40 Fiery Red Accent Walls For Male Living Spaces

Love, fire, passion, rage, anger, intensity. A red accent wall will add a wave of edginess to your male living space. It’s not the most common color for an accent […]

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Men: Should You Avoid Drunk Tank Pink in Your Living Space?

You may be tempted to ‘peacock’ by wearing a pink shirt; or sneak on some pink sneakers; accidently paint a pink accent wall or hang up some pink-hued modern art. […]

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Awesome e-Gifts to Buy Guys During Covid-19

Many of us are having our birthdays and events ruined by Covid-19 (yeah I know 1st world problems). A lot of my friends and family are asking for money for […]

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Dumb Gifts to Buy Your Foodie Friends

The last two decades has been the era of the foodie. Mega-super-chef stars are now mainstream celebs, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Guy Fieri etc. The rise of YouTube gave this […]

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Cool Carpets for Men

The distressed style is so popular in décor these days; even in clothing fashion. One reason could be that the style softens-up bright colors, making them less gaudy and more […]