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Get The Look: Vintage Masculine Living Room

We've found all of the main items in this image for you to purchase or muse over!


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Welcome to the first buy the look! We find awesome looking manly furnishing designs, and then we trawl google so you can  purchase the products in the design! We do our best to find the main products in the scene, but, alas, there is only so many hours on a Sunday!

This above design oozes manliness and class simultaneously. The only way this awesome male living space could get any manlier, is if that sculpture had a handlebar mustache.

Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information see our About section.

1. Oviedo Chaise Lounge

Oviedo Leather Chaise - Antiqued Ebony

HIT! This Oviedo Leather Chaise is the leather chaise in the photo. This is a high class piece of furniture with ‘antiqued ebony’ (whatever that means) and is apparently – if the reviews are to be believed – extremely comfy.

Where: Amazon,

Rating: no reviews on Amazon at time of writing, 4/5 on

Buy: Amazon – All Modern

 2. Rustic Wooden Shelve Brackets

HIT! Boom! Turns out this rustic wooden shelf style is pretty poplar. Obviously it will involve some assembly, grab these above industrial pipe brackets, forged from iron, do some measurements in your new bachelor pad and grab some rustic wood (link below). After a bit of DIY you’ll be one step closer to a manlier living space.

Where: Etsy and Amazon

Rating: 50+ over 4 Stars

Buy Brackets: Amazon

Buy Wood: Amazon

UK based bro’s can also grab something similar from Etsy for a reasonable price: Rustic, Reclaimed Wood and Steel Shelves. Industrial Shelf.

 3. Light

Miss! Wow,  ‘industrial wall lamps’ are really hard to find… and most of them need to be wired professionally into the mains. This affordable metal made alternative would make an excellent compromise, it plugs straight in so no re-wiring nonsense needed. There are many similar styled rustic metal lamps in the link if this one is a bit too ‘out there’.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4.4/5

Buy:  Wall Mount Industrial Long Cage Light

 4. Carpet

Near miss! Well we couldn’t find a similar looking rug (1.5 hours is my cut off time for rug-hunting on the internet), however this cool, distressed vintage rug would be an improvement to the manly rustic vibe we are aiming for here. With the rustic wood-like, pastel coloration and cool, distressed pattern.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 5/5 (only 2 reviews)

Buy: Rustic Collection Antique Style Wool Exposed Cotton and Jute Oriental Carpet Area Rug Rugs Charcol Rust Beige 7003 Black 5×7 6×8 5’2×7’4

5. Misc

Well you’ve got the main ones, now you can add your own personal touch. Going for a black bordered wall art is a good direction. This Earth Toned World Push Pin Travel Map would make a classy centrepiece for the globe trotters. It is somewhat overpriced for what it is but there are many similar inexpensive ones around.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 5/5

Buy: Earth Toned World Push Pin Travel Map

Well there you have it, go forth and furnish! Feel free to drop a comment if you find better items to feature.

Hopefully this article has given you some idea on how to decorate your male living space, man cave, actual cave, or bachelor pad! Thanks for reading!

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– James

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