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Top 30 Best Housewarming Gifts For Men in 2021 for under $50


This article has been updated for 2021 guys, right in time for that impossible to buy for man this Christmas! It can be difficult to furnish a new apartment or house, particularly if you’re straight out of college. Money and space may be tight. So, many of the items below work well in both small and large apartments or houses, or man caves or whatever!

I’ve spent almost an entire weekend searching for the perfect affordable housewarming gifts on Amazon, to suit any cool male living space. Actually, these items would be awesome gifts in any mans abode, whether it’s your boyfriends valentines present or a birthday, or mens Christmas gifts for a brother, father or uncle; there will be something reasonably priced in the list below. If you are wondering ‘what to buy the man who has everything? Well there will be something below we’re sure.

I’ve totally avoided cheesy and joke gifts, lets be honest, these just take up space and add clutter! All of the items here are either useful or provide cool, interesting decor pieces. So without further ado, here are some of the coolest housewarming gifts you can but for a man, for under $50… Now, we’re not allowed to list the exact prices but you can find those out through the buttons.

Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – therefore please buy a Ferrari. For more information see our About section.

#1 Vinyl/MP3 Record Player

Black Vinyl/MP3 Record Player

A record player is one of the best gifts to buy men these days. Vinyl has been making a comeback in recent years, with sales reaching a 30 year high in the US last year. Innovative Technology’s Victrola Vintage 3-Speed record player, has the ability to play vinyl, as well as connect to devices via Bluetooth; through a normal jack. So you can also play things off your phone through it’s decent speakers. It also comes in several different colors to suit any living space.

#2 Vintage Edison Bulb Desk Lamp

Vintage Edison bulb

This classy and timeless vintage Edison bulb lamp would be a cool accent piece to any living space, the bulb is included, and are easy and cheap to replace. With the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker you know that this is a quality item. But, don’t expect it to light up a room, the light it gives off is more of a mood-lighting piece. The body of the lamp is made from natural wood and the shade is made by glass, the bulb comes with a standard American plug. This is a great gift for a mature man.

#3 Set of 4 Fake Succulent’s and Cacti

Set of four fake cacti and succulents

These Set of four ‘Artificial Mini Succulent & Cactus Plants In Ceramic’ are the ideal gift to punctuate a windowsill or bookshelf. These mini cacti look incredibly real, with the added benefit that there’s no risk of getting impaled whilst you reach for your copy of Dale Carnegie! If you wanted to buy a real plant then check out our hard to kill plant guide. These would be a good gift for a guy in his 20s.

#4 Fake Deer Antlers Wall Mount

Looking for an exotic wall decor to add flavor to your room? This high quality fake deer antlers wall plaque would make an interesting addition to a bare wall. Made from a convincing composite resin, there will always be a space on a man’s new home’s wall for something with such a classy and interesting structure. There are many other similar styles, just click the link below and have a browse if this interests you.

#5 Moon Light

This rechargeable moon light uses data from NASA satellites and the latest 3D printing technology to recreate a realistic surface of the moon; making this a really unique gift for him. Bet you didn’t see that coming… A really cool conversation starter, this light would look good on a coffee table or on a site table or bookcase. This is a truly mood setting and unique gift, and at such a reasonable price, there is sure to be plenty of places in a cool, new bachelor pad for this light.

#6 Black Yankee Candle

Yankee candle

We love candles here at Furnish Him, they set the mood, they erase the smell of pizza, and they look nice! This reasonably priced official Yankee candle will be the perfect gift for any male living place, it’s small, not at all inconvenient and is black; which suits most living spaces. These candles last for a long while, as you only need to light it for an hour or so for a pleasant scent to fill a room. This is a great gift for a man who has everything, or for hard to buy for men, why? Because he can burn it and then throw it in the trash afterwards, as if it was never there!

#7 Black American Flag 3×5

Black and white American flag

This black and white star spangled banner has the benefit of being able to work with more colors than the traditional colors, and black and white is ‘in’, when it comes to modern male living spaces. What better way to fly the flag in a bachelor pad than with this trendy gift.

#8 Lucky Bamboo and Vase

Lucky bamboo and vase

This hardy plant, which isn’t actual bamboo, with vase, has no problems being shipped in the post. Not only will it add a splash of life to the room, but the simple round vase oozes class. The ideal gift for a man’s new apartment. Plus, there’s probably like a 0.001% chance that the magical ‘luck’ stuff is actually true.

#9 Classy Wall Beer Opener

This wall hanging beer opener has real class. The dark grained wood and black stripe gives off a classy vibe and will suit most apartments, Hang it up in the kitchen or the living room. There’s a few similar styles through the link below, some have magnets at the bottom which is pretty cool.

#10 Cork Board World Travel Map 

Cork map of the world

The ideal gift for the sophisticated, globe trotting man to hang up in his new home and pin where he has been, or going to be. The board comes with pins and it’s bold colors fit any decor. The brown and black are likely to suit most decor color schemes.

#11 Wine Holder

Funky wooden wine holder

This awesome balance illusion wine holder is the perfect gift for a new-home-owning man, and at a reasonable price too. If you’re going to get this as a gift, then you’ll have to get a bottle of wine too! The wine holder supports a standard 750-ml bottle of wine. A great gift for a man in his late 20s or 30s.

#12 Magnetic Knife Bar 

Everyone could do with one of these in the kitchen! It saves space, looks chic, and is easy to install. It’s basic design means it will suit almost any kitchen. Made from strong magnets with a satin finish, the bar also has the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Sticker.

#13 Retro Flip Clock

Vintage flip clock

This non-invasive retro flip clock will go well in most cool male living spaces. Whether it’s on the kitchen table, on the mantle piece, or in your room, this timeless design will be the perfect gift for a new mans apartment! This cool clock has mens gifts 2021 written all over it.

#14 Geometric Picture Frame

Geometric photo holder

This contemporary picture frame can be placed on the wall or a flat surface. They are an ideal gift for a man’s new apartment. Especially if they have the poplar ‘mid-century modern‘ decor style which is so popular these days. Buying a couple of these and hanging them next to each other on a wall would create a really cool, subtle and modern.

#15 Slate Coasters

Set of four slate coasters

You can’t go wrong with slate coasters, they are inexpensive, look classy, are a natural color to suit any guy’s living space, and you can wash them with ease. A must have gift for a man’s kitchen, dining room or living room.

#16 Tasteful Willow Twigs

Willow twigs

These real willow twigs cut an exciting figure in any room they are placed. They can transform a straight-forward men’s living room into a more sophisticated space. Imagine it now, somewhere in your place. Obviously you will need a simple vase to go with them so…

#17 Elegant Black Vase

Black vase

This super sleek black vase can work as an ornament on its own and of course, with plants in it. Or with the above-mentioned willow branches. Being black, it’s sure to suit most mens living spaces.

#18 Mini Cocktail Bar Tool Set

Mini cocktail making set

The Cresimo Pro Stainless Steel Cocktail Bar Set for mixing cocktails is a perfect housewarming gift for the sophisticated man, or for a man who has just moved into a new place, and needs some fun entertainment ideas! plus, you’re probably going to have to visit them, and you will want some cocktails right?

#19 USA Beer Cap Holder

USA map beer cap holder

This beer cap map of the US would be the perfect accompaniment to a new bachelor pad apartment when coupled with a couple of bottles of beer (which is also something you should totally get somebody for a house warming). Made from maple wood, and with the ‘Amazon Choice’ sticker this would be a really cool gift for somebody with a new apartment, they will have plenty of space on the wall to fill.

#20 Charming Vintage Bath Decor

Vintage soap and water bathroom wall decor

Ohio Wholesale’s charming vintage American styled bathroom decor has the official ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker. And at a reasonable price, with 100’s of positive reviews this is an ideal, and classy gift for any cool male living space.

#21 Personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel

Handcrafted American made, white oak wooden barrel which can be engraved with a personalized message, name. or logo! This item is a best seller in it’s category, with over 300 reviews. Whiskey not included! Of course, you can put any spirit or beer inside it however.

#22 Arrow Pillow

At a very reasonable price this cool pillow would make a great accent piece to accompany a couch or chair, it would sync up perfectly with the above wall decor piece to give a mans living space some suave synchronicity. Being black and white, it is likely to go with most color schemes.

#23 Led TV Backlight 

LED TV backlighting

This color changing backlight TV LED by Miume has numerous ratings with a good average review score. This would make an excellent and unexpected gift for a new bachelor pad or man cave. Apparently, the back light actual helps  eye strain and headaches.

#24 Cool Map Pillow Covers

More Pillows. Or more precisely, pillow covers. These stylish covers allow someone to change the look of their living room when they want and at a very generous price. This product also has the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker with lots of positive reviews, so you know it’s a decent product.

#25 Potpourri 


A potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material; they are used to provide a gentle natural scent. The ideal gift for a guy’s bachelor pad. Usually placed in a decorative bowl in the bathroom. Have a scroll through the link below to find one which you think might suit whomever as a gift.

#26 Multi-Purpose Mat Tray

Multi-purpose mat tray

These are super popular with our readers, put your shoes on it, put a cat litter box on it, use it for  a tray whilst painting your bachelor pad, put plants on it. This awesome multipurpose tray comes with the prestigious Amazon’s choice sticker and has over 1000 reviews with a 5-star rating.

#27 United States Shelf 

United States shelf unit

This awesome ‘Stone & Beam Contemporary United States Floating Wall Shelf’ is made from metal, with added accents of brushed metal to give it a vintage distressed look. Fill it with travel souvenirs or stash some books or your keys in it. This is a unique and awesome gift for your new bachelor pad! 

#28 What do you Meme?

What Do You Meme Board game

What Do You Meme is a hilarious and modern game for millennials. Probably best to play with mates and not with family members as the questions and answers are quite bawdy (a bawd-game?), the basic premise is that a photograph of a popular meme is presented, and the participants select a caption from their hand of cards. The 8000+ reviews and over 4-star rating should tell you all you need to know! I’d say from playing the game myself that the ideal age range is from 17 to whatever the max age for a millennial is, but anyone familiar with internet memes will enjoy it.

#29 Patriotic American Socks!


These stylish stars and stripe socks are one size fits all. These socks have the Amazon’s Choice sticker, a sign of quality. The socks could easily be used for more formal wear, such as for groomsmen, or for casual wear about the house. After all you need something to wear around the man cave!

#30 Faux Money Ivy Vine 


This faux vine would look great on a mantle piece, it would really lighten and brighten up a room, the perfect gift for a new homeowner. For some more plant ideas, check out our article on awesome mini indoor garden ideas. This item is made from silk fabric and plastic. The leaves were made from silk with 3D printing and the stems are made from plastic. This item does apparently have a plastic-like smell. The smell can be eliminated by placing the vines in the ventilated place for a while. 

Hopefully this article has given you some idea on great gifts to buy guys for their man cave, actual cave, or bachelor pad! Thanks for reading!

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