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20 Important Things Men Can Buy For Their First Apartment


Ok, so you’ve just shaken off the shackles of college, or parted from living under the yoke of your parents; and bagged yourself a shiny new apartment, which will soon become a bachelor pad. Money is tight. Space is limited. Pizza on its way. You now face the challenge of furnishing your new apartment. The idea, in theory, is to express yourself through your decor, and create a cool and comfortable living space.

Luckily for you, minimalism is all the rage, so avoid clogging your new living space with reems of ornaments and tonnes of tacky tat. Below are a few photos of what we are aiming for and then, 50 cool items for you to buy right now.

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What We’re Aiming For

first apartment

1. Lamps

A cool lamp is a must have for any new-apartment owner. Type in ‘cool male living space’ into google, go ahead, I’ll wait… In almost every cool looking apartment there is a funky-looking lamp. Here are 5 affordable, yet stylish lamps to furnish your new apartment…

Mid-Century Modern Tripod Lamp

This is one of the more affordable tripod lamps to be found. Sleek and stylish, it would suit any bachelor pad, and really does give off a cool light. There’s a few personal photos of the lamp in action in the Amazon reviews. Also, being black, this lamp is likely to go with most color schemes.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4/5

Buy on Amazon: Mid-century Tripod Lamp

Adesso Floor Lamp

This very reasonably priced lamp is stylish, and doubles as storage. Place ornaments, your keys or some plants on the shelves. Out of all of the similar styled lamps this one has the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker. Double up on this lamp and place one at each end of the sofa for a contemporary, symmetrical look.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4/5 (from 400+ reviews)

Buy on Amazon: Adesso Floor Lamp

Artiste Tripod Floor Lamp

This sturdy, rustic lamp looks super cool, and comes in two different color options making it the more versatile purchase depending on the color of the your room.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4.3/5

Buy on Amazon:  Teamson Design

Vintage Edison Bulb

We are all about the Edison bulbs here at Furnish Him, not only do they ooze vintage class, but they also give off a candlelight type brightness. Perfect for setting the mood.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4/5

Buy on Amazon: Vintage Edison Bulb

Crane Arc Floor Lamps 

This is an ideal accent piece to have behind your sofa. Most people buy two or even three and drape them tactfully over their sofa’s. Additionally, The Brightech Hudson works with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit enabled etc.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4/5

Buy on Amazon: Crane Arc Floor Lamp

2. Chairs

Now you probably will want to go somewhere and try out larger seating, like sofas. Chairs, however, are items you will probably want to purchase after you’ve set the main layout of your room. Here’s a few cool ones to consider…

Recliner with Ottoman

This Flash Furniture contemporary black leather recliner and ottoman, with a swiveling mahogany wood base, is very reasonable priced piece that looks ridiculously comfortable.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4/5

Buy on Amazon: Recliner with Ottoman

Leather Accent Chair


This awesome ‘accent’ leather chair is perfect for that gap in your music room, or for filling out an entire living room. It would go really well with these awesome cuboid ottomans too!

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4/5

Buy on Amazon:  Accent Chair

Basic Dining Chair

Chances are, you’re not moving into a 5 bedroom mansion with a mahogany dining table from the colonial days! Sometimes, all you need is some basic dining chairs. These modern dining chairs, with beech wood construction, are strong, and simplistic. And, sometimes that’s all you need!

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4/5

Buy on Amazon: Modern Dining Chair

 Funky Basket Chairs

These chairs are an accent piece, I thought I’d throw a couple of high ticket items into the fray. It might be more cost effective to grow your own tree and weave one yourself, but if you’ve got the cash, why not show off with some funky chairs?

Where: Amazon

Rating:  no reviews yet/5

Buy on Amazon: Funky chairs

Bomber Jacket Leather Chair

This chair has an awesome name, and is awesome in appearance. It would go nicely in the corner of a room.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  no reviews yet/5

Buy on Amazon: Cool leather chair

3. Coffee Tables

Vintage Antique Style Industrial

This tableis made from reclaimed wood and custom metal accents make this cool vintage style coffee table stand out. The added shelf at the bottom is a nice touch too, all though it will probably be used more by cats and dogs (there’s a funny photo in the reviews on Amazon with a bulldog sleeping on it).

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4.5/5

Buy on Amazon: Vintage Antique Style Table

Matching Antique Side Tables

Hey, why not grab the matching side tables to accompany the above coffee table.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4.5/5

Buy on Amazon: Vintage Side Tables

Wood Coffee Table with wheels 

Stand out. This coffee table is an awesome accent piece, and, presumably, easy to move around your new apartment. Sold by Harper&Bright Designs, this comes in an easy to assemble kit.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4.5/5

Buy on Amazon: Wheelie cool table

Modern Coffee Table, Dark Espresso 

If all you want is a minimalist, modern coffee table, then this affordable and stylish ‘dark espresso’ by DHP is a great option.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4.5/5

Buy on Amazon: modern coffee table

 Glass Coffee Table

This black finish glass 2-tier modern round coffee table is an excellent choice if you want to reduce the space taken up by a larger table, in your new apartment.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4/5

Buy on Amazon: Glass coffee table

Double shelf wooden coffee table

Another affordable, yet solid piece. If you need  a basic double-shelved wooden coffee table then this one, with it’s interesting wood grain, would be an ideal purchase.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  5/5

Buy on Amazon: Coffee Table

Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest

All natural white cedar wood. This chest doubles up as a coffee table and a storage unit! The neutral wooden color will work with pretty much any apartment.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  3.5/5

Buy on Amazon: Treasure chest


Well, you’ve got the big fauna; now you just need some of the little things to add some utility and taste to your new abode. Things like…

Wind Palm

Chinese Fan Palm - Plant The Future

A favorite of mine, the Terminator of the indoor plant world. My palm has been in most rooms in my house, and I’ve left it for well over a week with no change. They look amazing and come in a massive range of sizes. You can get ones for your kitchen table, or  large ones that can make real impact to a room. Here are 10 more awesome house plants, that are hard to kill.

Slate Coasters

You can’t go wrong with slate coasters, they are inexpensive, they look classy, are a natural color to suit any guy’s living space, and you can wash them with ease. A must have for a man’s first kitchen, dining room or living room.

Buy on Amazon: Slate Coasters 


Statue of Atlas

Atlas – the god who held up the earth and sky –  was also turned to stone by Perseus (seriously? Stop it now, Perseus.) He then became the Atlas mountains, where he continues to hold up the sky. What? Have you got a better theory of where those mountains came from?

This cool bronze statue of Atlas has the added benefit of a secret compartment in the globe, sweet!

Buy on Amazon: Statue of Atlas

Retro Flip Clock

This non-invasive retro flip clock will go well in most cool male living spaces. Whether it’s on the kitchen table, on the mantle piece, or in your room, this timeless design will be the perfect gift for a new mans apartment!

Buy on Amazon: Retro Flip Clock

Magnetic Knife Bar 

Enter a caption

Everyone could do with one of these in the kitchen! It saves space, looks chic, and is easy to install. It’s basic design means it will suit almost any kitchen.

Buy on Amazon: Magnetic knife bar

Thanks for reading! Why not check out some of these cool retro tee designs while you’re here…

tee shop

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