test3These awesome and reasonably priced cast bronze statues of Greek gods – approximately 10-11 inches high – from Amazon –  will instantly add a shock of culture to your cool male living space… Oh and you’ll also learn a bit about Greek mythology in this post, it’s f**king ridiculous, by the way. Check out are article on leaning ladder shelves for an on trend, cool bookshelf style to place your statues on. And, if you wanted some cool book ideas you can check out our article on books for men. 


#1 Perseus

Perseus – the granddaddy of all Greek heroes – was most famous in Greek mythology for his slaying of the snake-haired Gorgon, Medusa, a once beautiful woman reduced to an evil monster who’s stare turns men to stone. He also slayed a giant whale thing,        ‘Cetus’, way before Moby Dick glamorized the slaying of rare whale color-morphs. Extinction rebellion loons would probably have cancelled Perseus if they were around 4 thousand years ago…

Perseus’ mythological exploits with the head of Medusa – who’s gaze turns living things to stone – included accidentally turning his own friends into stone. He, no less, has surely earned a place in your cool new apartment.

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#2 Atlas

Atlas – the god who held up the earth and sky –  was also turned to stone by Perseus (seriously, Perseus?) He then became the Atlas mountains, where he continues to hold up the sky. What? Have you got a better theory of where those mountains came from?

This cool bronze statue of Atlas has the added benefit of a secret compartment in the globe, nice!

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#3 Heracles

Heracles, commonly known by the Roman name Hercules, was basically the first Arnold Schwarzenegger. Famed for murdering many rare and dangerous beasts (which would land you in prison these days), including man-eating horses.

Heracles wearing the head of the Nemean Lion, which is now, presumably, extinct. Thanks a lot, Heracles.

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#4 Apollo

Apollo, the god of  music and light, among other things, once groped a tree. The tree in question was formerly a beautiful girl, Daphne. Whilst he was chasing her – after being shot by Cupid’s arrow – she, fleeing him, turned into a tree. Her father (who used a metamorphosis spell) wanted to preserve her chastity. ‘Fair enough’, you are probably thinking. This, however, did not stop Apollo from groping her, whilst she was in tree-form. He probably shouldn’t have mocked Cupid.

How many other people’s home decor comes with a story like that? Apollo cuts a fine figure, which would compliment any bookshelf or corner.

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#5 Achilles

Achilles’s murderous exploits at the siege of Troy and slaying of Trojan, Hector, has made him one of the greatest hero’s of Greek mythology. The star of Homer’s ‘Iliad’ (widely regarded as the first piece of western-style literature) is mainly known today for the phrase ‘Achilles heel’, which denotes weakness. It’s a bummer to have carved your way through half of Troy only to end up being famous for a weakness. He, none the less, makes a fine statue.

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#6 Dionysus

Jim Morrison’s ‘The Doors’ persona was heavily influenced by Dionysus, who was, essentially, the god of drinking heavily and partying, possibly making Jim Morrison the world’s best character actor. When Dionysus isn’t drinking, partying, or causing accidental decapitation, he can be found turning sailors into dolphins.

Here he is downing a krater of wine. There is probably no better wing-man in all of mythos.

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#7. Odysseus

Odysseus came up with the Trojan horse idea, which finally led to the fall of Troy. On the way back from Troy (which took him 10 years) he was imprisoned by a god, stabbed a cyclops in the eye, was nearly turned into a pig (by the worlds first feminist, Cerci), and sailed straight into a hydra. And he still made it back in time to slaughter dozens of men in his home town.

Odysseus standing with his faithful dog, Argos.

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#8 Artemis

Artemis, god of the hunt was the original girl with a bow, way before the The Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale. Unlike The Hunger Games, however, she has been known to turn unlucky hunters into a stag, and watch them being ripped apart by their own hunting dogs, now that is toxic femininity. That is the crime for accidentally seeing her naked. As the hunter, Actaeon, found out. She’s also got some mega side boob going on there, very classy.

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