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12 Awesome Affordable Black Accent Chairs For Male Living Spaces


For this particular piece ‘affordable’ means less than around $300, which for an accent chair, that will hopefully last a for a while isn’t too crazy. The reason for being vague is due to Amazon and other companies policies of not listing exact prices – since they often change prices slightly. Maybe you have a gap in your living space for a cool chair, in the corner as a reading nook, or to flesh out your living room for more seating, have a peruse of our chosen awesome black accent chairs to beef up your cool male living space or bachelor pad.

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#1 Network – Black – Accent Chair

black accent chair.jpegBuy Online

Coming straight out of the gates with this awesome chrome-toned and black faux leather chair by Network is probably one of the coolest chairs I’ve ever seen. You can imagine it in the corner next to an old Fender Silverface guitar amp, and a battered old TV yellow Telecaster – with the lacquer worn out. This chair would work nicely in a reading nook too, with some kind of industrial styled lamp looming over it.

#2 Butterfly Chair

butterfly chairBuy on Wayfair

These awesome fold out butterfly chairs are minimalist, lightweight and, apparently, extremely relaxing! All hardware, tools and instructions to assemble are included when you purchase. The weight capacity is only 220lbs, so not suitable for bodybuilders! Note: This is made from genuine leather so it is not suitable for Greta Thunberg. All though my friend informs me that cow hide is indeed a by-product. Check out some of the promo photos through the link which gives some cool male living space design ideas for you.

#3 Fitzwater Barrel Chair and Ottoman

black and write chairBuy on Wayfair

This black and white chair with stylish white writing all over it (a black and write chair?) and is 100% linen with a foam cushion. The ottoman is included. This cool little chair is well designed for small spaces, filling up that pesky corner in your living space. The chair specification also includes the detail ‘swivel:no’…You probably could have guess that from the photo though… The chair stands of solid wood legs and would be an awesome accent chair for a reading nook.

#4 OSP Designs – Papasan Chair, Black

Buy on Amazon

Made from 100% polyester with an updated Papasan design (what ever that means). It sits on a 360 degree swivel base for maximum swivalage (I made that work up). You won’t fall off this chair with it’s steel frame (with wrapped wicker over the top). This would be a great addition to the corner of you living space, or to use in a masculine reading corner.

#5 AVE SIX Langdon Faux Leather Task Chair with Rose Gold Base

Buy on Amazon

With an Eiffel tower style base and rose-gold plated style legs this styled chair is super modern, and you will see it in many different cool male living space photos. This works great as an accent chair, or you could double up on it and use it as a dining chair. Really easy to assemble and at a reasonable price, sneak one of these in your living space for an easy win.

#6 Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair

 Buy on Amazon

With a 100% micro-mink fabrication (no idea what that is) and a durable metal frame, this chair easily folds away in seconds so you can stash it away if you need to re-arrange your living space. The Weight Capacity is 225 lbs and fits most young adults and adults (again what does that even mean!?) Oh, and this chair also has the prestigious Amazon’s Choice sticker.

#7 Ellis Modern Metal Accent Black Chair

Buy on Amazon

These awesome chairs are made with durable black colored metal, perfect for a touch of industrial-chic (… I just made that compound adjective up) to add to your cool male living space design. You can even grab one in gold finish if you are feeling regal.

#8 Tall Wingback Fabric Club Chair

Buy on Amazon

This chair currently has the Amazon’s choice sticker. This wingback club chair would make a cool focal point for your cool living space. Maybe it’s a bit gauche for some, but I always love the regal, gentleman’s club vibe this classy looking wingback’s give off. This would work nicely in a reading corner – (did somebody say masculine reading corner?). Note the contemporary mismatched leg designs too, a quirky addition to a fun chair. This chair is upholstered with fabric.

#9 Christopher Knight Home Modern Tufted Fabric Arm Chair

Buy on Amazon

This stylish modern arm chair is an awesome little black accent chair for your male living space. With tufted sides, which are adorned with stylish studs around the top of the arms, this chair has all the style and comfort you need to spice up your bachelor pad. The extra plush cushioned seat, on sturdy birch wood legs add comfort and sturdiness to the chair. 

#10 Acapulco Papasan Chair

black accent chair oneBuy on Wayfair

From Wayfair, this cool black accent chair is based on the time-honoured Mayan hammock weaving technology, apparently… This Acapulco Papasan Chair combines traditional designs with cool innovation, and loads of other buzzwords like ‘ergonomic’. Ultimately, this chair just looks super cool and modern. You’ve probably seen a few of these in cool male living space photos. I often see this on the balconies of expensive London flats when I’m on the train.

#11 Espresso Wingback

black grey accent chair
Buy on Warfair

Okay so this one isn’t strictly black, technically it’s ‘expresso’. This mid-century modern styled wingback chair will add style to any modern living space. Using a solid oak wooden frame, this chair is defined by the iconic wingback shape and would work nicely within a mid century modern design.

#12 Ozzy Round Rocking Chair

Buy on Donsfurniture

Yes, another scoopy looking chair! This one from Dons Furniture is pretty unique being a rocking chair as well as having a cool design. This is a perfect accent chair, visitors will be fighting over who wants to sit in this one. Made with stylish black leather and available to buy for our UK readers!

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