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15 Charismatic Accent Side Tables For Your Bachelor Pad


You need somewhere to place your whiskey, placing a side table at the end of your couch, chair or bed is a necessary accessory (say that 5 times really fast…) to have in your male living space. Below are a few ‘accent’ pieces, which not only act as side tables but also look cool and some have other useful utilities like drawers. We’ve mixed some weird and wonderful ones with some more basic items to give you a good jumpboard of inspiration to find your ideal side table to suit you bachelor pad, man cave or wherever.

Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to and other sites. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information see our About section.


#1 Mid-century Modern

Mid mod side table whit and wood

This three-legged bamboo side table comes in a flat pack and at a reasonable price. These types of mid-century modern side table are pretty popular these days. What is mid-century modern? It is essentially the ‘on trend’ decor style for most living spaces today, it’s a light style with a minimalist type look. You could check out out blog post about it for a more detailed overview. (Mid-century modern styling for men). 


#2 Coavas Industrial Nesting-Tables

Mid century modern side and coffee table

This ‘Coavas Small Coffee Table would be perfect as a side table in a male living space. Reasonably priced (you’ll have to take our word for it as Amazon won’t let us publish prices!) – and with a butt-tonne of ridiculous (and badly spelled) buzzwords in the description like ‘Retro chic minilist design’ & ‘Smooth to assemble’. Smooth to assemble… what? But despite the poor grammar and affordable price tag, this small coffee table seems robust enough judging by the positive reviews and customer photos, check them out!

#3 Logan End Table

Logan End Table

This industrial looking Logan end table is really, really cool, it would suit most male living spaces; and would fit nicely in a smaller space or reading corner. Chuck a book on it or a glass of whiskey. It’s also available in white, and judging by the reviews, it is robustly built – which isn’t surprising as it’s made from stone!

#4 Madison Park Cirque Accent Tables 

Described as having ‘minimal drum aesthetic styling….complemented with subtle grey rustic finish accented with copper studded accent’, this is the perfect accent side table, which would go perfectly well with a leather Chesterfield chair, for example.  If you click the link to the table below there are all manor of other, similar, looking pirate-like accent side tables that are worth checking out too!

#5 Bathwa End Table


Cool accent side table

This side table is a real killer accent piece with added storage – for some awesome books perhaps? At a reasonable price, this accent side table is constructed using anti-rust powder apparently, not that it will get particularly wet in your living space. Be wary of the dimensions before you buy and make sure it suits your chair/couch’s height.

#6 Arty Sunpan Table

This one is a little bit on the ‘arty’ side so would need an equally arty/bright living space, perhaps matching colored chair as in the promo photo. It comes in five different colors, black, white, green, grey and orange.

#7 VASAGLE Round Side Table

VASAGLE Round Side Table

This cool metal and glass constructed coffee table has a nice contemporary, minimalist (there that buzzword again) design. Check out the customer photos in the Amazon reviews to get an idea of what it looks like and its general size. Also, according to one of the customer reviews, the table is ‘dog-proof’ … it’s been a while since I owned a dog, do they often destroy tables? Perhaps it’s a nod to the ‘safety tempered glass’ used.

#8 Terra Coffee End Table

This awesome, vintage style, rustic wooden end table comes with a nice natural pine wood board, and solid steel legs. This piece would look great in a modern male living space. Here’s some additional words of wisdom from the comments section: ‘It’s a sturdy table, but you wouldn’t want to sit or stand on it.’ – Errm, great, I suppose you would want a chair for that.

#9 Grange End Table

Sunpan side table

From Sunpan, who have other awesome looking accent pieces, this is another minimalist ‘industrial’ looking accent table. This tempered glass and concrete accent table is on the higher end of the price spectrum, combine it with the matching coffee table for a real suave look for your living space.

#10 IWELL Mid-Century Nightstand Set of 2

In our mid-century modern blog, we mention how a characteristic of the style is how the furniture kind of looks alive… This set of two, night stands would go well next to a bed. Made from pine and high strength chipboard. If you like these the manafacturer has matching sets of drawers and other furnishing items.


#11 Metal Grid Side Table by mDesign

This one is pretty cool, coming in a industrial kid of look. Check out the cool customer images for more inspiration on how this may look in your own living space. Made from steel wire with a rust-proof finish, it’s something to break up the wood-only furniture most people have in their living space.

#12 Jackson Side Table From Wayfair

Jackson End Table

From the Trent Austin Design shop, a C shaped metal base with powder-coated finish and manufactured wood top. This end table offers some industrial appeal to your living space. There is also some ‘purposeful distressing’ which gives the end table a warn vintage type industrial look. 

#13 Tree Stump Side Table

Cedar log side table

These logs are sustainable resourced from the USA from low-impact logging techniques. They are hand-picked from trees at their peak. Made from cedar wood the makers of the side table also plant several trees for each side table they sell – so check that out through the link. This would work well in a rustic/ masculine living space.

#14 VECELO Modern End VECELO Modern End Table

This sleek black cabinet is more utilitarian than our other side tables here, with a cool cabinet door to store things in. The table is made from MDF. This would suit a nice fresh and modern living room with mid-century modern furniture.

wild card2 playing card

#15 Claire End Table Aquarium Tank From Wayfair

Claire End Table Alanrium Tank

Okay, so we mainly added this one in for fun as it is a bit ridiculous, and ridiculously expensive for a side table, but you’ve got to admit, it is definitely an accent table, how many other side tables have fish swimming around in them? We’re guessing the novelty would wear off pretty quickly but still, if you happen to have won some kind of cash prize, it certainly would be a conversation starter…

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