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15 Awesome Throws For a Man’s Apartment

test3You don’t wan’t to throw like a girl do you? Here’s a list of cool throws you can buy right now for your male-living space. Use them on a chair, as a prop in Game of Thrones, or on your bed, use it in the winter, or as a fashion accessory/accent piece for you apartment or house.

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#1 Plain Flannel Fleece Blanket Throw – Multiple Colors

Add an bold accent color to your chair or sofa. This simple yet classy elegant throw comes in several colors; drape it over a chair, couch or bed to add an exotic stylish touch to your living room or bed room, many available colors allow for easy mixing and matching with your decor or other accent pieces – if you need a guide to how to color match your throw to your furniture check out our color guide.

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#2 Regal Comfort Sherpa Luxury Throw Cheetah Print 

Grab this awesome, sexy faux leopard print throw. Perfect for black leather or brown items of furniture, or for your bed. This piece needs a confident man for it to work in your male living space, you don’t get shy guys banging out the leopard print!

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#3 Checkered Throw 

The perfect choice for adding style to your couch, living space or room, or for just sitting down with a good book, taking a nap, or traveling. This check-patterned throw screams class, it is an ideal accent piece for your apartment or house.

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#4 Super Soft Black Throw 

This super luxurious heavy black throw is perfect for a winter’s night in.  Reasonably priced and a neutral color ( on ‘tone’), this piece will go with almost any piece of furniture.

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#5 Luxury Tiger Faux Fur Plush Throw 

The priciest piece on the list, this luxury (faux) tiger throw mixes style and comfort, and sex. It’s a bit more out there than some of the other throws on the list, and need a confident man (with bold decor) in order to pull it off.

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#6 Amazon’s Choice Brown Faux Fur Throw

I imagine this awesome brown throw is like being hugged by a Kodiak bear. A nice natural throw color to suit any wooden furniture you may have.

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#7 Aztec Blanket

This fresh, brightly colored Mexican/Aztec throw is perfect to add some color to a living space. Drape it over a wooden kitchen chair, or a couch or your mother in law. Also great for use as a beach blanket, a picnic blanket, etc.

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#8 Black and White Throw 

Sort of like one of Freddie Mercury’s cat suit from the mid 70’s. This awesome black and white triangle throw would spice up any room, chair or bed. It would suit a more modern style apartment, with lots of bright colors, and white walls.

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#9 Awesome Checkered Throw

This rustic – cabin in the woods – styled throw would be perfect for some wood-dominated furnished apartment or house.

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#10 Blue & Brown Checkered Throw

Similar the to throw above, this rustic plaid Sherpa style throw would look awesome slung on a couch or bed in a room decorated with natural, neutral colors. This throw would work particularly well in a mid-century modern decor.

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#11 Stars and Stripes Throw

What better way to keep yourself warm of an evening by wrapping yourself up in a veil of freedom! This patriotic, red, white and blue stars and stripes throw is made from super soft plush sherpa fleece (whatever that is!) in a modern distressed texture which is so on trend these days. If this throw has put you in the patriotic mood, head other to my other blog of patriotic gifts!

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#12 Union Jack Throw

The Union Jack is an emotive and powerful symbol (well, at least it used to be! Don’t get us started…), it would work perfectly within a cool male living space. The throw also comes with the prestigious Amazon’s Choice sticker. You can also buy another American flag version, make sure you select the one you want.

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#13 Tache Orange Fall Farmhouse Throw

The neutral autumnal tones in this throw would work perfectly in a similarly neutral living space, it would also work really well in a mid-century modern room.

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#14 Rivet Global Inspired Geometric

Cool, fresh colored 100% Cotton geometric throw. This throw would match bright mid-century modern style decor. The throw is super soft (apparently!) with fringed edges, check out the product promo-photos for more inspiration.

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#15 Cosmopolitan Decorative Throw Blanket

Another cool mid-century modern-esque geometric throw. For more mid-century modern decor design ideas, check out our article on it here!

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