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13 Awesome Things to Buy for Your Man Cave Wall


Since time immemorial, man has decorated his cave. It surely can be concluded therefore, that a fundamental element of humanity is to deface plain and boring surfaces in our homes with things that express our culture, our personality, and our human spirit! Just imagine sitting in a purely blank room with no art or wall decor, it would feel wrong, but why? We’ll let you muse on that whilst perusing the below. Or you can read our take-down on the minimalist trend here.

So you have a new bachelor pad or a man cave/man shed to decorate, and need inspiration? I have trawled the wonders of Amazon to find some reasonably priced and cool manly decor furnishings to consider placing on your walls. Have a look below and see what we found…

Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information see our About section.

#1 Vintage Rustic Number Plates

New York style number plate for wall decor

Simply type in your state in the maker’s Amazon shop and you’re away! Have your home state, current state, favorite states, whatever! Perfect size to fill in those pesky gaps in the wall, or why not create a feature using several plates at once.

#2 Fake Deer Antlers Wall Mount

Antlers wall decor

Looking for an exotic wall decor to add flavor to your room? This high quality fake deer antler wall plaque is made from a convincing composite resin, there will always be a space on a man’s new home’s wall for something with such a classy and interesting structure.

#3 The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Tapestry

Great Wave off Kanawa Wall Art

An awesome space-filler at a reasonable price, the great wave just looks so awesome and interesting. Perfect way to fill up a large proportion of your wall on a budget with a dramatic accent piece.

#4 Classy Wall Beer Opener

Bottle opener

This wall-hanging beer opener has real class. The dark grained wood and black stripe gives off a classy, vintage vibe and will suit most male living spaces. Also, it opens beer.


Bottle opener

This wall hanging beer opener is a bit more fun, with a magnet on which holds all of the bottle caps.

#5 Obligatory Dartboard


Not many man caves would be complete without the obligatory dartboard. Cave men hurled spears at mammoths, modern man hurls darts at boards. The board above comes in four different levels, standard set, premium set, elite set and deluxe set. Made  with high quality printing and heavy duty resin…whatever that means…this is an easy win for your man cave! Just don’t be too precious about the wall surrounding the dartboard, beer, pointy projectiles and walls don’t mix too amazingly!

#6 Eighties Neon Sign

Neon Sign

With seven different styles, these signs are unique and 100% handmade by …er.. ‘senior master benders’… …. no comment. They are also 100% cheesy, but at the same time amazingly cool man cave wall decor. There are even a couple of videos of how the neon signs are made, which is pretty cool to be fair.

#7 USA Beer Cap Holder

USA Beer Cap Holder

What could be a better gift for a new apartment or as man cave wall decor? Don’t forget to include a few beers when you give this as a gift. This would fill in that annoying space on the wall, and with an splash of color from the stars and stripes and the beer bottle caps too. Freedom never never looked so good!

#8 Rustic Accent Wall

accent wall.jpg

This one requires some DIY, but there is nothing manlier than an entire wall dedicated to wood! Man’s first and primary building structure, oh and it looks awesome. Put this wall where the TV will be positioned, a pleasing and not-to-bright background for your TV viewing is ideal. And, best of all, you can attempt to make one yourself! Use reclaimed wood, new wood, or even stone for an awesome accent piece in your man cave.

#9 Mini Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

Mini basket ball hoop

Well, you need a mini hoop for your man cave! That’s an easy one. It even comes with a ‘shatterproof backboard’ …in case you want to slam dunk it I guess… Okay there are actually pictures of people slam dunking the hoop on the product info, we were thinking more along the lines of chucking the mini 4 inch foam ball in the hoop from your chair.

#10 Decorative Round Metal Compass Wall Décor

Compass wall decor

This cool trendy compass piece comes in distressed brown and other colors, including red, blue- grey and white, and constructed from metal. It comes in two sizes, 30 inches and 41 inches, it’s pretty big so would make a dramatic accent piece for your wall, just make sure you get the tape measure out!

#11 Cocktail/Shots Poster

Cocktail poster

This cocktail poster would make a nice addition above a mini bar perhaps. You can rustle up you and your friends some good old fashioned cocktails, like for example, the ‘old fashioned’. And some others which sound like Lord Of The Rings characters, like the ‘Gimlit’. Dimensions: 12 in x 16 in. In a similar vein, there is this shots poster below…

Shots recipe poster


#12 Black and White American Flag

black and white American flag

Anley Fly Breeze’ durable polyester black and white flag is a cool spin on the star spangled banner. It is designed for the outdoors, however the lightweight flag would look equally as striking in a man cave or apartment wall, it could probably be held up with blue tack. Check out the product and customer photos for an idea of how the flag looks in situ! Dimensions: 3×5 foot. 

#13 Old School Movie Posters

There’s something about old school movie posters, the fonts, the coloration, the ridiculous titles, the animation, the complete lack of radical feminist agendas…They are just the right level of tongue in cheek, retro and ridiculous. They really add character and a sense of fun to a room. Check out some of the below for inspiration, click them to check the price on Amazon.

The day the Earth stood still vintage poster
Vintage Attack of the 50ft Woman
Vintage Creature from the Black Lagoon Poster
Vintage THEM poster
Old School Star Wars Poster

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