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8 Useful Bachelor Pad ‘Hacks’

test3Useful hacks! Useful! I am avoiding the kind of ‘hacks’ you often see which look cool on Pinterest, but nobody ever actually uses. You know, like cutting up a milk bottle to use as a dust pan and brush…When you can just buy an actual dust pan and brush… Or, grinding up Doritos and putting them in a pepper shaker…Yeah really, that one was on there. The tips presented here are intended to actually be useful, they should hopefully improve your male living space and make your life a little bit easier, some are particularly useful if your moving out for the first time.

Hack #1 Consider Buying an Air Fryer

If you love easy, fast and lean cooking, and ridiculously crispy chips then you will benefit from an air fryer. Essentially it is like a small, rapid, oven. I cook bacon, in fact, pretty much all types of meat, chips, chicken nuggets in the air fryer with minimal mess and using minimal oil. It really is a great invention. A perfect addition to any bachelor’s pad. Grab a cook book from Amazon or wherever for some air fryer recipes. If you need any more convincing, even Gordon Ramsey has got in on the action with his YouTube video of cooking a coffee and chili-rubbed rib eye steak in an air fryer. Check out our awesome Fryway to Hell article; featuring a review of some of the best air fryers around.

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Hack #2 Impossible to Murder Plants

Snake Plant Sansevieria

The above plant – Sansevieria trifasciata – makes a great addition to any living space. It goes by many names, including: ”mother-in-law’s tongue”…nice… “Saint George’s sword”, “snake plant” and viper’s bowstring hemp” – because it is one of the sources for plant fibers used to make bowstrings, awesome. You’ve probably seen it in several office windows. Native to Africa, it is super easy to care for house plant which requires minimal effort to maintain, I haven’t watered mine in days! It also has analgesic and antipyretic effects . Check out these other cool hard to kill plants for your male living space.

Hack #3 Home Made Pizza in 20 minutes

This is a great meal idea for if you’ve got a girl over for dinner – you can have some fun preparing the pizza together and it only takes about 10 minutes in the oven, enough time for another cheeky glass of wine. Or, if you just wanted something that’s easy to prepare and doesn’t involve logging on to Just Eat. This is a great meal idea for anybody who has children too, they love making they’re own pizza, it will get them away from playing Fortnite for a few minutes if nothing else. I usually buy a pre-made pizza base (because messing around making a dough base isn’t my thing) and add whatever I feel like. See my homemade pizza below, which I prepared especially for you guys.

My Ingredients:
Pre-made pizza base
Green pesto
Tomato puree
Grated cheddar cheese
Mozzarella ball, slices
Mushrooms, sliced
Basil leaves

HOME made pizza test.jpg

How to make:

First pre-heat the oven to about 200 °C / 400 °F (not essential but it will obviously be cooked quicker).

1. Spread tomato puree over pizza base with a spoon or knife
2. Spread a teaspoon of pesto of the base and add grated cheese
3. Add sliced mozzarella
4. Add sliced mushrooms and olives
5. Add basil leaves and bang in
6. Cook middle of the shelf for 10-15 minutes (when the cheese is totally melted and the edges of the pizza are starting to burn),
7. Eat! Molte bene! A nice side dish could include potato salad/coleslaw or chips.

Hack #4 Throws

Add a splash of ‘accent’ color into a room. A throw is a super easy trick to achieve this, also something useful for the winter, or if you have a girl around. The above Aztec throw will provide a good contrast to any surrounding decor, or to a boring chair. Here are 11 awesome throws you could consider. Not sure which colors go well together? Read out handy color matching article.

Hack #5 Super Fast T-shirt Folding Technique

It’s unlikely that you are going to religiously fold every t-shirt you own, but it can be frustrating when half of your closet is taken up because most of the clothes have been  chucked in, this cheeky t-shirt folding trick will give you some more space and keep your tees un-crumpled.

Hack #6 Scented Candles


Okay, so practice what you preach. I’ve bunched up some of my scented candles here, that sea salt mist one works nicely in the bathroom, the lemon one in the middle is good for the porch (so the first thing somebody smells when they enter my place isn’t my shoes) and the red candle (no idea what the smell is) is a nice subtle smelling candle for the living room. I usually light up my scented candles for an hour or so and blow them out, that way they last for months on end.

Hack #7 Remove a Red Wine Stain with White Wine

Alright, you may have heard this one before, it’s a genuine hack which is worth having in the back of your mind!

Image result for wine stain

When I was young, I remember one Christmas sitting in the living room of my aunts house, and somebody spilled red wine on the carpet. Quick as a flash my cousin who had a white wine jumped up and poured the white wine all over the stain. As a kid, who like most kids has been socially conditioned to believe that pouring drinks on carpets is universally bad, this was a confusing learning curve! But it does work, the learning curve came full circle recently when I spilled red wine on my cream carpet and rushed to throw over some zesty white wine! My Risotto suffered… But it worked perfectly. Once the white wine has been poured to cover all of the red wine, start mopping up the wine with kitchen towels, then pour warm water over and repeat until the stain is gone.

Hack #8 Mirror World!

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Mirrors make a room appear larger, and also increase light within the room. It’s a great ‘hack’ particularly if you have a smaller room, or a larger room that you want to get more light into. The larger the better! The above mirror is a trendy new-ish style of large ‘leaner’ mirror, so you can experiment with its position in your home and mix it up without having to hammer nails into your walls.

Don’t go overboard though…

Hack #9 Tilt Your Speakers!

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This long article from goes into depth (a lot of depth!) about how to correct position your speakers. But, the main take away is if you want to get the full usage and sound quality from your speakers, then get tilting!

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