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9 Awesome Retro Accessories For Male Living Spaces in 2021


It’s 2021 now and everybody wishes it wasn’t, apparently. 80’s and 90’s kids have finally come of an age where they can inflict their neon-lit, jumpsuit-clad childhood memories on us. From ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘IT’ to more than one Black Mirror episode, nostalgia reigns supreme in pop culture, in another decade it will be the 00’s kid’s turn, and we can all re-live the joys of the 00’s like…err…original YouTube content I guess?…Never mind. But for now, we bow to the zeitgeist and admit that, yeah, the 80’s and 90’s were pretty damn cool. We may even sneak some retro 50’s items in here too since they have a similar retro-like aesthetic.

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1. Neon Bolt

So neon was invented in the 1910’s, but lets be honest, when we think of it, it’s the 80’s era that comes to mind. A class above a neon ‘girls girls girls’ sign (unless you’re a Motley Crue fan), this awesome neon bolt has a high rating on Amazon and several reviews, it even has the illustrious ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker. It would be an awesome addition to any male living space as an accent lighting piece above a bookshelf, or a bare space on the wall, you can even check out some of the photos in the reviews for ideas on where to put the light.

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2. Mortal Kombat

If you just shouted ‘Moooooooorrrrrtal Kooombat!’ in your head then you will probably enjoy this retro gaming arcade machine, which features Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3 all pre-installed, so you can enjoy the PTSD inducing retro violence that the game is well known for. Be sure to check the dimensions of the machine before you consider purchasing, you may want to get an additional stool to go with it as it appears to be quite low down, speaking of stools…

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3. Retro Barstool

This glitter-red and silver chair is based on a vintage 50’s design. Also available in royal blue, this chair is made from sturdy metal and made in the USA. It would be an awesome accent piece in your apartment, pop it in a corner or perhaps, use it as a gaming stool for the above arcade machine! With over 100 reviews and a high rating you can be confident that this chair is a good quality item.

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4. A Bagel Toaster?!

Bagel toasters are a thing, apparently. Well, who doesn’t enjoy a good bagel? The manufacture, appropriately named ‘Nostalgia’ has  several other products available and in an array of different color schemes too, perfect for if you are looking to kit out a full retro kitchen space.

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5. Retro Flip Clock

This non-invasive retro flip clock will go well in most cool male living spaces. Whether it’s on the kitchen table, on the mantle piece, or in your room, this timeless design will be the a great addition to a new apartment! The clock is made from a stainless steel stand and comes with a one year warranty. Definitely a nice little conversation starter.

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6. Table Top Retro Arcade

This. is. awesome. It is a high ticket item, but we thought we’d throw it in anyway. The two chrome chairs come included, but the graphic on top of the machine costs a little extra if you want it. It comes with a whopping 412 games installed, including well loved classics like Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. It comes fully assembled so you can plug in and play straight away, this would be a perfect accent piece for you male living space.

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7. Budget Retro Wall Clock

At a very reasonable price this red plastic 9.5 inch retro clock would be ideal for the kitchen area, it has over 500 reviews and a good star rating. Why not also get the matching microwave and toaster?

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8. Street Fighter!

Okay, last arcade machine promise, you can’t beat a bit of street fighter! Games include Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Street Fighter II The New Challengers and Street Fighter II Turbo. Make sure you check out the dimensions before you buy, and think about investing in a gaming stool.

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9. Coca Cola Padded Swivel Bar Stool

Is this retro? Yeah why not. Whatever your views on product placement are, this, made in the USA, bar stool would be a cool pop culture addition to a trendy male living space. This swiveling bar stool is chrome-built and with a plethora of positive reviews you know you are getting a high value product.

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Thanks for reading! Why not check out some of these cool retro tee designs while you’re here…

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