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5 Ridiculous Chairs for Your Apartment


Sometimes, you need a really striking accent piece for you male living space… Warning, whilst some of the chairs are reasonably priced, some of these chairs are ridiculously expensive!

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#1 This Weird Red Chair

The ‘ USA Ziggy Swivel Leisure Chair, Red’ is a retro inspired design, it kinda looks like a prop from Austin Powers, made from metal and fabric, it also looks like you may fall of it if you lean at the wrong angle. It would make a spicey little accent piece for that forgotten corner of your apartment.

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#2 This Cool Circle Chair

This one actually looks pretty cool, its hard to tell whether or not it will comfortable to sit on…Al though the product description seems to think so. It is apparently softly padded for EXTREME comfort. Be aware that there is some assembly required when the chair arrives.

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#3 LED Cube Chairs

Ok, these are awesome. The YESIE 16-Inch Cordless LED Cube Chair with removable charger. The eco-friendly chair has a 4.8W LED with 5 brigtness levels and comes with a remote control for changing the color of the chair. This would be a great accent piece for a modern, or even futuristic looking area of your living space. It would double up as great mood lighting too.

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#4 Dorchester Birdcage Accent Chair

Yes, that is a bird cage chair. Check out the video in the reviews to see the chair, it looks really cool and somewhat Burtonesque. This would make a great accent chair for that empty corner of your living space. It does require some assemble, but judging from the reviews this appears to be easily done. The chair is crafted from high-grade iron do should stand the test of tie.

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#5 Gothic Cathedral Side Chair

This ‘ Toscano Viollet-le-Duc Gothic Cathedral Side Chair’ is giving me Dark Souls vibes. This chair would make a unique accent piece, nobody would expect one of these in your living space.

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wild card

Okay, bare with us on this. I used to work with a wildlife organisation cutting reeds for a wetland site. The work was exhausting and often by lunch time we were soaking wet, the best place to sit down was out wheel barrows. We would tip them up to the handle bars and legs made a sort of make-shift seat. This was, apparently, not a new idea, a quick google will reveal lots of DIY wheel barrow chairs.

Image result for DIY wheelbarrow chair

Put some cushions on it, and voila! You have a ridiculous, but also very comfortable and unique accent chair. Also probably handy if you ever plan on moving out…

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