It’s not always swanky furniture and mood lights, you need some of the nitty-gritty boring staples of a bachelor pad. Some of the items here are the kind of things you might not have thought of buying when moving into your new bachelor living space/soon to be an awesome male living space, I certainly could have done with a few when I moved out! Have a look and see if there is anything you may find useful.

1. Multi-Purpose Mat Tray

Put your shoes on it, put a cat litter box on it, use it for  a tray whilst painting your bachelor pad, put plants on it. This awesome multipurpose tray comes with the prestigious Amazon’s choice sticker and has over 1000 reviews with a 5-star rating.

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2. Coasters

You can’t go wrong with some solid slate coasters, they are inexpensive, look classy, are a natural material and color to suit any guy’s living space, and as a bonus, you can wash them with ease. A must have gift for a man’s kitchen, dining room or living room.

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3. Potpourri

A potpourri is a really fancy name for mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material; they are used to provide a gentle natural scent. The ideal gift for a guy’s bachelor pad, a touch of class. Usually placed in a decorative bowl in the bathroom or maybe near the entrance of your bachelor pad or on a shelf. 

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4. Yankee Candle

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Continuing with the smell theme…We love candles here at Furnish Him, they set the mood, they erase the smell of pizza, and they look nice. This reasonably priced official Yankee candle will be perfect for any male living place, it’s small, not at all inconvenient and they last for a really really long time. It also doubles up as some mood lighting.

5. Carpets

These distressed oriental blue rug – styled in an old vintage way are in fashion, be sure to combine it with some nice old wooden furniture to maximize the vintage element. These kind of carpets are perfect to add a bit of color and comfort to the wooden flooring which is so popular in apartments these days. Or if you wanted you could grab a smaller ‘accent’ carpet like the faux bear skin rug below – the perfect accompaniment for an old leather chair for example.

6. Shade Loving Plants

Image result for Snake plant

You need some plants for your new bachelor pad, and you can’t be doing with any prissy, high-maintenance plants. Take the above Sansevieria trifasciata, for example, it makes a great addition to any living space. I haven’t watered mine for over a week in a shady corner of my living room and it still looks the same. See my 10 HARD TO KILL PLANTS for inspiration.

7. 65 Piece Tool Kit with Carrier Case


You don’t want to be in a position where a cabinet, or door handle or whatever is rattling around and you have no screw driver

This tool box also comes with the prestigious Amazon’s Choice sticker, so you know the item is popular. Items like screw drivers, Stanley knife, pliers are invaluable when some tuning up your new home when necessary, or doing battle with Ikea furniture. It beats your dad’s old rusty tools they will be keen to offload onto you! (Thanks dad…).

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Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information see our About section.

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