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10 Cool Bookcases For Your Male Living Space


In a world where people Google their political views and find articles which suit them, instead of searching for the truth, a world where people would rather just read headlines, rather than the full news article (because who has 5 minutes to spare), where people know George Orwell quotes (but have never actually read 1984 or Animal Farm), but not the substance, in that world, be a reader! Embrace the Platonistic style of philosophy where the body AND the mind are both exercised, Plato himself, was a master wrestler and philosopher, remember.

A well placed bookcase in your living space gives off a classy and intelligent vibe to your pad, as long as it’s full of books of course. Here we find some awesome bookshelves for the male living space, ranging from accent bookshelves to trendy ladder shelves, to mid century modern bookshelves, and yes I will be using bookcases and bookshelves interchangeably.

Oh, and if you need some cool reading ideas then check out our painstakingly cobbled together book review article for men. You can also check out our other article on awesome ladder shelves.

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#1 5-tier Ladder Shelf

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Okay, well since we already have an article on just ladder shelves we’ll reduce how many we describe in this article, but we’ve included this one as it’s pretty cool. Made by ‘Tangkula‘, which is constructed with medium density fibreboard shelves. The ideal bookshelf for your male living space.

#2 Industrial Wood and Pipe Shelf

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Industrial Iron Pipe Shelves from Bosuru. We think this design is part of the ‘post industrial’ style decor, we’re pretty sure that’s a thing… The shelves are constructed with rustic wooden shelves with iron pipes. The bottom iron pipe also has a iron bar hanging down, which can be used to hang things on, like coats etc. A great rustic accent shelf for a cool bachelor pad or industrial styled man cave.

#3 Ladder Bookshelf 3-tier

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A 3-tier ladder bookshelf from C-Hopetree. Easy care wood, with laminate finish, with a stylish black tubular steel frame and MDF boards for shelves. Ideal for a mid-century modern style male living space, which won’t dominate too much of your wall if you don’t want a tall bookshelf. 

#4 Bookshelf Tree

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MDF wooden book tree by Home Bi. This is an awesome mini- bookshelf idea for guys with a smaller bachelor pad or man cave who don’t have enough space to accommodate a larger bookcase, or for guys who just have so many books they need some more storage. I’m tempted to grab one just to place next to my bed for my night reading books. This book tree also comes with the Amazon’s Choice sticker, a sign of quality.

#5 FURINNO Simply Modern 3-Tier Open Book Shelf

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Made by Furinno, this modern, cuboid, quirky looking bookcase would suit a lightly colored room, such as a room painted white or other lighter neutral colors. This would be perfect for a mid century modern styled male living space. Constructed by MDF composite wood and easy to assemble. The bookcase is also finished on all sides so it can be placed in the centre of the room as a dividing feature.

#6 Mkono Boho Wall Hanging Shelf

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Constructed by Mkono, a set of two hanging wooden shelves, perfect for a rustic, modern or natural home decor styles. Also it has the prestigious Amazon’s Choice sticker, so you’re in good hands. These swing hanging displays are already assembled when they arrive apparently,  and they can be easily attached to ceiling (that would look weird, however), wall or any other places you want. Hang them up with stainless steel hooks or hammer nails. 

#7  Cubeicals Organizer

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This best selling unit, by Closet Maid, comes in several colors including, natural grey (photo’d), espresso, dark cherry, white, birch, chocolate and black. This unit can be used as a vertical or horizontal display, a useful feature when decorating your man cave or bachelor pad. This six cube shelf design will eliminate clutter and maximise your style. It seems like this cube type design is definitely in vogue at the moment, and it most likely comes from the surge in popularity with the mid-century modern style.

#8 Cube Organizer

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By Whitmor, this unit features 9-cubes with 3 shelves for organizing and displaying your books, and other crap. This bookshelf also incudes 5 back panels for added stability and style. Constructed of laminated particleboard for durability and stability, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This unit is a super modern ikea-like bookshelf, perfect for mid-century modern decor styling. Often, these kind of units are doubled up to create a wall of cubes, which looks really cool.

#9 Desk Bookshelf

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Okay okay, this one isn’t much of a book shelf, but this desktop organizer can act as a nice mini-bookshelf if you happen to work from home, or have a computer table in your living space. It has hundreds of ratings and the Amazon’s Choice sticker, a sign of quality. Made from natural wood, and weighing in at just 5lbs, this is a quick and easy way to clear up your computer desk.

#10 Eight-Tier Tree Bookshelf

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By Vasalage, and again, with the Amazon’s Choice sticker. This tree shaped bookshelf would be an awesome addition to your male living space. Fill the multi-branched book shelf with your favourite books and impress your visitors with your book collection and cool shelf. The book shelf has 8 open shelves and can easily accommodate lots of typically sized books whilst taking up a small area of your bachelor pad.

  • Floor area; sized 19.7”L x 9.8”W x 55.7”H

Thanks for reading! Check out some of our other articles if you have time and need some awesome furnishing ideas for your bachelor pad, male living space or man cave!

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