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16 Patriotic American Home Warming Gifts For Men


You want some man cave wall décor? Know somebody who is moving into a new home or who’s birthday is coming up? A cool gift idea for your own apartment, or a friend or relative’s place? The stars and stripes of the American flag and other patriotic US pop culture references make for ideal gift ideas, and I don’t mean yankee candles, ha ha …ha… But seriously, for an added slice of freedom to your apartment or a gift for a friend or family members, have a look at the below patriotic American flag inspired gifts for some inspiration.

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#1 USA Beer Cap Holder

What could be a better gift for a new bachelor pad or as man cave wall decor? Don’t forget to include a few beers when you give this as a gift. This would fill in that pesky space on that wall, and with an splash of color from the stars and stripes and the beer bottle caps too. Freedom never never looked so good! If you are wondering what to buy a man for a housewarming gift – then this is an easy win for all.

#2 Stars and Stripes Throw

What better way to keep yourself warm of an evening by wrapping yourself up in a veil of freedom! This patriotic, red, white and blue stars and stripes throw is made from super soft plush sherpa fleece (whatever that is!) in a modern distressed texture which is so on trend these days.

#3 Wall Shelf

The black ‘Stone & Beam Contemporary United States Floating Wall Shelf’ is constructed from iron, with intentional detailing to give it that distressed vintage look that is so popular in decor these days. You can imagine this in some kind of trendy frontier man’s man-cave in the 1700s. All the hardware you need to hang it up comes with the shelf and the dimensions are: 28.75″ W x 18.5″ H x 4.25″ D. Stash ornaments from your travels across the USA or use it for your keys and other miscellaneous items.

#4 Black American Flag 3×5
Anley Fly Breeze’ durable polyester black and white flag is a cool spin on the star spangled banner. It is designed for the outdoors, however the lightweight flag would look equally as striking in a man cave or apartment wall, it could probably be held up with blue tack. Check out the product and customer photos for an idea of how the flag looks in situ! Dimensions: 3×5 foot.

#5 American Flag Pillow Cover

Miulee’ star spangled banner pillow case (remember case, not pillow!), crafted from 100% durable faux cotton linen, and easy to machine wash. Zoom in on the product photos and you can really see the quality of the linen. A perfect gift for patriotic bachelor’s pad. Perfect gift for a young patriotic bachelor for a house warming gift.

#6 American Flag Picture Frame

A standard gift, a nice picture frame. A great space filler gift for a mans bachelor pad or man cave in 2020. This frame has the stars and stripes of the American flag. Not much else to really say about it, a great patriotic gift for a patriot or an army veteran. A nice and small bachelor housewarming gift idea.

#7 Little Wooden Chest

WaaHome Decorative Wooden ‘Treasure’ chest has a cool vintage star spangled banner look. Beware that the box is very small (7.1″LX5.6″WX4.7″H,). It would make a great little trinket box. In fact, it would go very nicely on one of the shelves of that American Map unit above.

#8 Four Hook American Flag Rack

Want somewhere to hang your freedom? Make sure you check the dimensions of the rack, as the item is described as a ‘key holder’ all though the image does show a coat hanging on the rack too. None the less the rack looks awesome, and would make a great gift for somebodies first apartment.

#9 Americana Pitcher with spout and handle

Fill it with sticks, grasses or other plants. A cool trendy gift idea to add to any room in the house or apartment. This would work particularly well in some kind of rustic male livign space setting. Dimensions: 7.5 inch tall, 5.5″ bottom diameter, 4 inch top diameter, 9 inch from spout to handle.

#10 American Star Coasters

This cool set of six coasters is made from variations of burgundy, navy, and natural jute braids (whatever they are). These could probably pass as Captain American coasters too! These also come with the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker.  Dimensions: 4″ Diameter. They kind of remind me of little Captain America shields…

#11 Mini American Desk Flag

You know those tiny little flags you see on Netflix shows on desks of important people? Or when the president does some kind of announcement in their office? They always have those cool little desk flags, this one is made from durable polyester, silver metal stick, suede non-slip base and comes with the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ label.

#12 American Flag Mug

This standard sized coffee mug with lines from the United States of America Pledge of Allegiance would make an ideal gift for a patriot, and be perfect for somebody as a birthday gift or for a moving in present. Additionally, the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. A mug is one of the best housewarming gifts for guys.

#13 Patriotic American Socks!


These stylish stars and stripe socks are one size fits all. These socks have the Amazon’s Choice sticker, a sign of quality. The perfect attire to storm capitol hill with. The socks could easily be used for more formal wear, such as for groomsmen, or for casual wear about the house. After all you need something to wear around the man cave!

#14 Indoor Flag Pole

This Super Tough Indoor American Cotton Flag by the ‘Super Tough Store’ comes with an 8ft Oak pole and 3ft x 5ft American Flag with tassels and golden metal eagle topper. You can also get a 7ft foot or 9ft pole. If you have a big home office this would be an awesome piece to have in the corner. This would be a good house warming gift for a guy or veteran.

#15 Busty Washington

A senator-like office is not complete without a bust of some American historical figure. So, lets go with the OG American Mr Washington. This statue of George Washington is 7 x 4.5 x 9 inches and made of Bronze. The statue depicts George as he crosses the Delaware thereby surprising the English. We like to think this is how he stood on the boat as he snuck up on the English. If you are asking yourself ‘what to buy a man as a housewarming gift’ well, if he’s patriotic, this is it.

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