test3Accent walls are typically placed behind a feature, such as a cabinet, television, couch or even a toilet. They also work well for the first wall which you see when you enter a room, but ultimate, there are no hard and fast rules, you can mix it up and come up with your own location. Here are some awesome ideas for an accent wall to give you some ideas. In order to color-match your decor, you can check out our article on the color wheel. You could also check out our other article on 30 moody black accent walls for our your male living space too!

#1 The Retro 70s

Image result for retro accent wallImage Link

The retro styled accent wall works really well within a mid-century modern setting, using unsaturated, retro 1970’s colors; like brown and orange striped against a pale white backround wall, as in the above image. The 1970s retro look is back in fashion, when used sparingly, that is! You could easily achieve the above using special wall paper tape, which we will go into some detail on in some of the below accent walls.

#2 The Mid-Century Modern

wall paper maximImage Link

The fresh mid-century modern color pallette on this wallpaper, and its geometric shapes would work well in a brightly lit room, such as a living room. For more information on the mid-century modern decor, which includes a color pallete, check out our our article here.

#3 Use Washi Tape for a Mid-Century Modern Effect

midmod wallpaperImage Link

This geometric modern effect works perfectly for the mid-century modern decor style, which is so popular these days (hence, why we keep menitoning it!). You can easily DIY the above effect in your own image/design by using ‘washi tape’ or sometimes called ‘Metalized Polyester Film Tape’ (very catchy), which can easily be applied to a finished wall (need an easy tutorial on how to paint a wall?) to create some awesome geometric effects or alternatly it can be used for trimming effects. The tape can be bought in many different variations and colors online like this gold one on Amazon.

Related imageImage Link

Washi tape also comes in different thickness for different effects such as the awesome black and white striped effect above. This one also comes with a quick tutorial, just click the link to have a look. A scroll through Amazon yields some results for ‘wide black washi tape’ so you can check them out there or you can probably find some in your local home store.


You can even use the washi tape on your door for a cool accent door! Make sure you carefully mark out exactly where you want the tape to go so you don’t end up with a wonky design. You can achieve this with a ruler and pencil or even a levelling laser.

Image result for Geometric wall optical illusion

At the risk of looking like you’re in a cheap sci-fi movie from the 80’s, you could even try and create some optical illusions with the washi tape, like the above!

#4 Forest Wallpaper

forest wall paperImage Link

If you wanted something different from a painted accent wall, there are many different wall papers out there to buy, forest-scene wall papers look great, and would work particularly well in a bedroom environment for a cool and calming scene. Our EU bro’s can buy the above featured wallpaper here.

#5 Blackboard Accent Wall

Image Link

Using blackboard paint or blackboard wall paper you can acheive a really cool black accent wall, which apparently looks very useful if you’re doing a maths PHD… Perhaps a whole wall painted or wallpapered with this is over the top, but it would work nicely on a smaller wall, or maybe in a small area of a wall, like that of a study – if you can handle the sound of chalk on a blackboard…

#6 Maximalist Jungle Wallpaper

wall paper bird maximImage Link

This awesome maximalist accent wall with jungle wallpaper is perfect for somebody who really wants their living space to standout. If you’re really into the jungle theme, check out our article on how to turn your living space into a jungle.

#7 Plain Color Accent Wall

Image result for Orange accent wallImage Link

Sometimes all a room needs is a plain color accent wall. Accent walls don’t have to all be crazy and bold, they can just be plain colors, which will still impact a room and compliment it. It is a more mature look. The above orange accent wall gives the living room a warm feeling and breaks up the whiteness of the room, which can sometimes come across as being a bit boring and too bright.

Image result for Blue accent wallImage Link

The cool blue accent wall is a classic for bedrooms, often found behind the headboard of the bed. Psychologically speaking, blue has a calming effect and also reflects a nice cool light into the room, conducive to sleep.

Image result for red accent wallImage Link

Again, the above is a nice unsaturated color, so it doesn’t come across as too bright. Red accent walls work best when the surrounding walls are a light or white shade, or a color of medium brightness.

#8 Wooden Accent Wall

Wood Wall Accent Wall Art Ideas Wooden Accent Wall Bedroom Accent For 2018 Wood Wall Accents (Gallery 5 of 15)Image Link

The rustic wooden accent wall is an amazing statement, which can hint at a homely, traditional look, or appeal to a manly, rustic look; depending on the surroudings and additional wall decor you use. You can create this using some DIY, reclaimed wood and a Black and Dekker work mate, or you can buy wooden wall panelling which has a similar effect and doesn’t require much DIY-ing!

#9 Rock Accent Wall

stone wall

A stone wall feature is ideal for bathrooms, giving off a waterfall/mountain vibe. No need to learn stonemasonry though, there are many 3D faux rock wallpaper features available to buy. The wallpaper featured above is simply a 3D wallpaper, for example.

#10 Black Accent Wall


We love moodly balck accents walls here at Furnishim, so much so that we even dedicated a whole article on them – 30 awesome 30 awesome moodly black accent wallsThe black walls work particularly well within a predomianntly white interior.

Thanks for reading! We have loads of other relavant articles for you to consider!

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