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Forget Minimalism, Embrace Maximalism Decor For Men


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My name is Maximalism Decimus Meridius, and if you didn’t get that reference, then god help you. Yes, you have heard of minimalism, now let me introduce to you maximalism. I’m sure you can quite easily figure out exactly what maximalism decor is, it is the polor opposite to the neat, neutrally colored minimal cluttered decor. Think regal, think bold colors, big plants, fancy looking furniture, walls packed to the gunwhales with decor, like an opulent victorian-esque living space, or the Admirals office of a man-of-war. These bohemian livign rooms are statement pieces. Take the below faux victorian decor, from the Oscar Wilde bar in New York.

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Now imagine the above, except with modern decor, and modern technology. Over time, it’s hard not to accumluate so many things that a minimalist appartment or house can be hard to keep ‘minimal’. You could always mix up the elements, have a largely minimalistic living space, with a maximalist reading corner, for example. I’m sure as maximalism becomes more popular (which we predict it will) some will align themselves with the lazy devil’s advocate position of maximalism being a sad case of rampant consumerism, and draw all kinds of cherry-picked conclusions whilst tweeting from their Chinese-made iPhone, but ultimately a maximalist hints at a maximalist mindset, we’re sure this style isn’t for everyone, and understand the appeal of a minimalist, neater living space, but have a look at the below maximalist masculine livign spaces and see what you think.

Modern Bohemian Cactus Lounge – Maximalist Room Example

Bohemian Latest And Stylish Home decor Design And Life Style IdeasImage Link

Okya okay, this living space looks somewhat staged, eith that floor light and everything, but still the premise is definitely maximalist. We’re liking the 3-carpet thing they have going on. If you like the look of that ladder there, check out our article on awesome leaning ladder shelves, and if you like the mini garden theme going on, check out our article on mini indoor gardens.

Maximalist Book Case

Image Link

The whole wall against my French doors could be a book case 😍Image Link

Image result for MaximalismImage Link

If there is one aspect of your living space that you want being maximalised, it is your book collection, surely? You need to train your body and your mind these days, and a man with a huge book collection is a man of maximalism. There are a few cool ideas out there for having a whole wall filled with books. The above bookcase walls could be easily DIY’ed with a bit of know-how or some Youtube tutorials I’m sure. If you need some book ideas, check out our article on awesome books for men. 

Maximalise Your Floor

Maximalise your floorImage Link

double carpet maximalise.jpgImage Link

The above laminate piano flooring is a cool example of what we consider here to be maximalist flooring, it’s loud and rude but also awesome. Being neutral colors black and white would also suit any living space furnishings. Our UK based readers can click through on the image link if they are interested, and I’m sure if you’re reading from elsewhere you’ll be able to find something similar eslewhere.

Another way you could maximalise your bachelor pad or male living space is by doubling up on carpets! You’d need a pretty large floor space, or I guess smaller carpets to achieve the look. The abve has gone with similarly colored carpets, with different patterns, which is a really cool idea that looks awesome too.

Male living Space Gallery Wall

Image Link

Image result for gallery wallImage Link

maximalist gallery wall.jpgImage Link

The gallery wall is one of the best parts of a maximalist living space, just look at them, they look awesome. They are a perfect accent piece to show off your personality, or your travels/friends/families – if you wanted to add photos up there too. Most of the masculine type gallery walls are composed of a mixture of photos, mirrors, faux stag heads and artwork. You don’t need to be some snobbish artist in order to arrange your gallery wall, just loosely crowd the items together like a David Hockney piece. I guess you would need some loose color cordinating, unless you stick to neutral colors like brown/black and white, and other unsaturated colors. Check out our color article for more informaiton on color matching.

Loud Accent Wall Paper

wall paper maximImage Link

wall paper bird maximImage Link

Most places either have no accent wall at all, or they have an accent wall with just one color, ha! Minimalists… Well this is a maximalism article and these accent wall papers are the perfect maximalist addition to your apartment or living space, obviously you wouldn’t want a whole place wall-papered with these kind of styles, just one well placed accent wall. Accent wall are usually place on the wall you first see when you walk into a room, or the wall behind the headboard of a bed.

All The Pillows

Image Link

sofa pillows 2Image Link

Load up your couch with pillows for a maximalist couch feature. Sure you may be constantly chucking the pillows on the floor so you can actually sit down, but you get the idea. By the way, that couch is a mid-century modern couch check out our Mid-century modern styling for men which features the couch. The above image is a pretty good maximalist look overall infact, with that back wall busy with art and other features.

Maximalise With Plants

Kaktus sisustuksessa
Image Link

Why not turn your whole apartment or house into an actual jungle? Or, you could just move to an actual jungle. Maximalize your living space with easy to care for indoor plants like aloe vera, swiss cheese plant, English ivy, spider plants, cacti etc. No male living space is finished without having some cool plants, but if you wanted to turn plants into an accent feature you’ll need a lot, and they always looks cool. Check out the bulbs in the hallway too, you can grab those off Amazon, they go really well with plant heavy decor.

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