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30 Awesome Moody Black Accent Walls For a Male Living Space


An accent wall or ‘feature wall’ is a wall which is painted or decorated in a different style to the other surrounding walls, which are usually neutrally colored. They are typically- painted on the wall which has a main piece of furnishing directly in front of it, for example behind the headboard in a bedroom, or behind the television, or home office desk for example. They can also work really well on the wall you see as soon as you enter a room, however there is no hard and fast rule here. If you’re new to painting a wall for the first time you can check out our super easy how to paint your first wall guide.

The below images are some awesome examples of how to use a moody black accent wall to add some character to your apartment, man cave or house. Ultimately though, it’s your living and there is no limit to what you can do, hopefully the following accent wall examples give you some inspiration or a different perspective on home design!


Using blackboard paint or blackboard wall paper, you can achieve a ridiculously cool and original black accent wall, which apparently looks very useful if you’re doing a maths PHD, for example! You would probably want to double check what’s written on the wall the night after any house parties though…


A cool little gallery wall type design, which is part mini book shelf it apparently. We believe the above kind of shelf is the ‘Lusso Design Floating Shelf‘, which is a pretty nice and sleek design idea. There are several other cool floating shelf designs around too if you like the look, maybe we will do an article on some one day!


Ah, the old familiar male living space combination of a lounge chair with ottoman on top of a cowhide rug which we wrote about previously… Unbeatable male living space combinationsThe black and white wall art is a nice touch here, something to consider when decorating near or on a black accent wall.

Image result for black accent wall

Black accent wall behind a home office desk, with shelves and matching chair. This is a really cool table design too, like some kind of painting easel, it adds a nice industrial look to the scene.

small black accent wall.jpg

This mini accent wall is pretty cool for a mini home-office, there’s another bright green accent wall in the neighbouring room too, which is a cool idea. Check out our article on accent walls for some more inspiration on accent walls for your house or apartment.

A black wall with a brown leather chair and small side table.

This manly reading nook benefits from a moody black accent wall. We’re loving that awesome swivel leather chair too. The gallery wall feature is a nice finishing touch to the look. Check out our article on maximalism for some more inspiration about how to create a similar looking space.

Reading Nook with Black Wall and Yellow Chair

Making use of the analogous color palette, with the green and yellow plant/carpet and chair. This shows how even a black accent wall can go well with most color schemes, including loud color schemes with bold colors.

black shelves

Not all accent walls have to be merely painted walls, the above room has opted for the entire wall space to be taken up by a black shelving and storage unit, which is a great idea.

Screenshot 2022-05-04 203528

We’re not sure if this is strictly an accent wall as the other wall to the right appears to be black, but it’s a good example of how black walls work very nicely with a gallery wall feature in front of a home office.

awl in good taste.: Black and White Striped Walls.

Black wall in a white wall’s world, when using neutral colors, lighter ones, a darker accent wall works wonders. You don’t have to just stick to black for a moody wall though remember, here are some other colors, other than black, you could consider for an accent wall too, check out my below moody color palette.

black 11

This design uses a textured and painted accent wall. Using reclaimed rustic-looking wooden panels painted black in a manly looking bedroom design. Having a black accented wall in your bedroom can add to the darker kind of look which is conducive to sleep.

black 10

This super mid-century modern looking living space is nicely accented with the black accent wall and black carpet. The white and black wall art is another nice touch, which seems to be a theme with black accent walls. If you scroll through some of the photos in this article you will probably notice the same theme. Check out our easy article on how to paint your own wall art, perfect as a conversation starter of Sunday afternoon activity.

black 7

Here is another cool color scheme which is mainly black and grey, with the black wall being the main color of the space. The blackness is offset and accented with that deep gold colored couch, which looks really striking. Using our color guide, you could probably improve the design further by adding some large and striking green plants.

black 5

Another cool gallery wall/black accent wall example, with a small work desk. The dark grained wood actually works very well with the jet black accent wall.

black 13

This accent wall is largely on the wainscoting/small vertical wall with an extra bit on the door wall. Showing that even if part of a living space uses the black accent wall, it still creates a powerful look. Again, note how well the black wall works as a contrast to the surrounding white walls. You may be tempted to think that black wouldn’t work well against a very contrasted white wall, however, it adds to the effect. Black walls can pretty much go well with any color.

moody color palette

Thanks for reading and coming over and checking out our site, here’s 15 more awesome black accent walls for your inspiration. We also have other articles on accent walls, such as this one, on the best accent walls for male living spaces.

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