What do I do about the space above my TV? How do I decorate around my TV? These are the kind of questions which I’ve seen time and time again for people decorating their male living spaces, bachelor pads or man caves, if you are one of those people then we’ve got your back in this article, check out the below for some killer tips on decorating around your television set.

Sometimes when furnishing your apartment, home, or man cave you may find that you have an awkward, blank space above your television. Sometimes it can be difficult to fill the space with something if your TV is in the corner or half way up the wall, for example. You don’t want to place something too loud and obvious there to draw focus from the TV, and you need something that won’t look too big or out of place.

Lets have a look at some creative and cool ways you can fill in that black hole above your TV…

TV Space header

#1 Movie Posters

Image result for TV with movie posters aboveImage Link

In keeping with the TV theme, some movie posters like the above would be a cool addition to the wall space above your TV.

In our other wall decor article, we spoke about how cool those old, ridiculous movie posters look, you know, the ones with the funny titles and images; and how they are just the right level of tongue in cheek retro-ridiculous (what about that for a compound adjective?). They add a tonne of character to a room and will add a sense of fun to a living space. Check out some of the below for inspiration.

#2 Gallery Wall

Image result for TV wall living spaceImage Link

Image result for TV wall living spaceImage Link

Image result for TV with movie posters behindImage Link

We spoke about gallery walls in our article on mid-century modern styling for men, check it out if you want! Most gallery walls seem to be a cool mix of art and personal photos, occasionally with other things thrown in like that deer antler. The gallery wall works nicely above your TV set. These are a super modern and cool way of filling up wall space with memories or cool art, or both. Make sure you pay attention to the frame color too, as this can add to the overall effect, maybe you could have them all black-framed, or have different colors, or shades of wood. Coming up with a combination of photos and art would be a pretty fun afternoon.

#3 Shelf

Image Link

Image result for Shelf above TVImage Link


Putting up a simple shelf is a nice and easy way of using up some of the space above your TV, with the added bonus that you get a little bit more storage. Both of the above TV’s have shelves above them in a staggered kind of style, I think this is a clever way of breaking up the symmetry of the room. Placing something like a faux haning plant on the shelf would also be a good way of breaking up the lines and symmetry of the room, and add some diverse structures to the shelf. An excellent way of using the wall space above your TV.



#4 Bookcase

Image result for Bookcase above TVImage Link

Image result for TV bookcaseImage Link

Lets go one further than just a shelf above the TV, and go for a full blown bookcase. This is a pretty popular method of surrounding your TV with decor. Obviously the above example would require some light DIY skills and is more resemblant of a library, you would probably also need a ladder for it too. But, it is a pretty cool way of filling up the space above your TV, especially if yout TV is in the middle of the wall space.

Oh, and in case you needed some reading inspiration check out our super convenient article on 5 awesome books every man should read.

#5 Neon Ligths

furnishhim tv backlit

LED light strips, whilst not strictly filling up much of the wall, at night when watching a movie, it will certainly make the area surrounding the TV less boring.

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This color changing backlight TV LED by Miume has numerous ratings with a good great review score on Amazon. And, apparently, the back light helps eye strain and headaches, who knows whether that is true or not, but none the less, these LED strips would be a great addition in any bachelor pad. The colors can be changed with a small remote with several colors available, perfect for a bachelor pad movie night.    

#6 Accent Wall

Image result for TV with bookcases around aboveImage Link

Remember earlier in the article when we said that the black space above your TV can come across as a black hole? Yeah, ignore that for a moment! Obviously the above image is from some kind of promo or something, it doens’t look like a real living space but it illustrates our point none the less.

Now this is one where, of course, you can have the accent wall as well as the other items listed in the article behind/above your TV set. The above rock effect accent wall looks good on it’s own, however. Accent walls work really well when placed behind the ‘main’ feature of a room, so behind the bed, or TV would work well. Check out our articles on accent walls (Article: 1 & 2) for some more information.

The ‘rock’ on the above image is most likely some of that easy to install 3D wall panelling.

#7 Corner TV

corner TVImage Link

Here’s a nice idea to fill up the space on your wall above your TV if you have a corner TV, like many people have. Adding a cool poster or art peice on each wall looks really cool. As mentioned earlier, the above living space uses the principal of asymmetry, with one poster lower than the other, which can look really good. Of course, you can have two posters the same size and faced opposite eachother which would also work, it’s just down to personal preference.


Thanks for reading! Check out some of our other articles on awesome desig ideas and gifts for you male living space!


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 -Cheers, James

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