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20 Gifts for Guys For Under 20 Dollars


Maybe you have a brother or uncle, or a boyfriends birthday coming up, or need an idea for a Christmas present/gift for guys. In this article we list 20 awesome gifts for guys for under (and around) $20. We can’t list the exact prices as they often change, but trust us, they will be around 20 bucks or less.

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#1 Universal Socket

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This universal socket can automatically adjust to any size or shape, suitable for standard 1/4 to 3/4 inches and metric 7mm to 19mm screws, nuts, and bolts. An ideal gift for a young man who is moving into a new pad, or a cool and unique gift for that DIY handy man you know.

#2 Game Boy Watch

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One for the nerds, who like Game Boy and Nintendo. This piece is apparently an officially licensed Game Boy Product too. This is the ultimate gift for gamers and trendy nerds. The alarm plays the world 3 theme from super mario bros 2, which is sure to impress even your nerdiest of mates.

#3 Magic Round Windshield Ice Scraper

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This ice cone scraper gizmo will remove ice from a windscreen super quickly. The design is some kind of ergonomic ice remover design apparently, a pretty cool gift for a man you know this winter.

#4 ‘Giant Green Hand’ Drinks Holder.

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This big green fist, which for legal reasons is called ‘The Beast Giant Fist Drink Kooler’, obviously doesn’t have the correct rights to use ‘Hulk’. But, for all intents and purposes, this gift would suit somebody who is a Marval comic fan, and for someone who likes drink! That’s a lot of people… 

#5 Shrimp Neck Pillow

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Shrimp neck pillow. Yep, it’s a neck pillow which looks like a shrimp. Not much else to say about it really, but do yourself a favor and look at the customer images, there is one with a dog and its super funny.

#6 Darth Vadar Shower

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The awesome Vadar shower head is by ‘Oxygenics’, which is a cool ass name for a company! You can also pick up the R2-D2 shower head on Amazon all though, it doesn’t work quite as well as the Darth Vadar shower head in terms of aesthetics. Hey, maybe they should do one of Kylo Ren too, since he speant most of the new Star Wars movies crying and weeping.

#7 Avocado Plant Growing Kit

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The Avocado plant growing kit is a super cool and unique gift, it’s like a floating planting bed you place onto some water,  simply change the water every 2 weeks and let the boat planter do the rest, and voila, you will have a cool little avocado plant. A great and unique gift for somebody.

#8 Silicone Shot Glass

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Add a juicy flair to your next party with these shot glasses which can be made from ice, or chocolate or gelatin. Serve liquor shots in cool icey shot glasses, simply freeze, fill and invert the silicone molds to release the molds. An ideal gift for a bachelor pad party!

#9 Lightsaber Chopsticks

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With over 1000 reviews this jedi light saber chopsticks are a great gift for a guy you know who likes star wars and chinese food, which is probably most guys to be honest.

#10 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

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This cool, retro hot dog and bun toaster is a great gift for a foodie.


With adjustable toaster timer and stop toasting button allowing you to toast your hot dog and buns to perfections. The product also comes with some hot dog tongs so you don’t get burnt when removing the hot dogs. The drip tray slides out for easy cleaning. A cord wrap keeps the cord neatly wrapped up under the toaster. It also quote: ‘works with other dogs’, I’m sure that phrase makes sense to our American readers.

#11 Hammock Camping Portable Double Tree Hammock

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If you know a guy who loves camping or an outdoorsy kind of guy grab them this affordable super strong camping hammock. This hammock can hold 1000 lbs! That’s over three Brock Lesnars, or to put it another way, it can carry at least one right whale testical.

#12 Tool Pick-up LED Magnetic Tool

This torch comes with an extendable stem, flexible neck joint, and magnet head. This magnetic end can be used to pick up washers, screws, nuts or bolts when you need a long third hand. Perfect for that guy you know who is always losing their tools, or dropping htem in their cars under ther seats. It is made with military grade aluminum alloy. A great and affordable gift for guys, but still great quality.

#13 Bacon Socks

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Bacon socks! A typical novelty gift, but also a useful gift, grab them now before the vegan lobby criminalises enjoyment of bacon completely.

#14 Pizza Socks

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Carrying on the sock theme…who doesn’t like pizza? And, who doesn’t like socks? Problem solved. This is a cool gift for a guy who loves his pizza. There’s actually a whole market of novelty food socks, apparently, with burger socks, beer socks, suchi socks, and loads of other nonsense socks.

#15 Wall Beer Opener

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This wall hanging beer opener has some awesome class. The dark grain of wood and  stripes gives off a classy vibe and will suit most male living spaces. Hang it up in the kitchen or the living room. There’s a few similar styles through the link below, some also have magnets at the bottom which is pretty cool.

#16 Cleaning Putty for Cars

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The gel-like cleaning thing is ideal for a cleanphobe you know, to clean the nooks and cranies of cars or living spaces. Who knows what the hell the sludge is made of and who cares, it’s an interesting gift that many men will appreciate.

#17 Grow Your own Zombie Plant Kit

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The so called ‘zombie plant’, also known as the shameplant (Mimosa Pudica), is a member of the pea family, whose latin names means ‘shy’ and is native to South and central America. The leaves will automatically fold when they are touched, as a defence mechanism, we’re guessing to avoid being eaten by insects. Check out one of the customer videos in the link which shows the zombie plant folding and appearing to die when touched, this is one hell of a unique accent plant!

#18 Into Thin Air

Image result for into thin airBuy On Amazon

We wrote about this book in our 5 books every man should read article. This is the ideal book for a guy you know who loves reading, providing they havn’t read it before.

From our article:

”Based on the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster, Jon Krakuaer, a journo accompanying the doomed 1996 accent, recounts the horrors of the storm at 29000 feet, in which 8 people died. You may have seen the brilliant movie ‘Everest’ based on the same event, but the book is (as they usually are) a much more personal and in depth narration of the disaster. I came away from the movie wanting more, and this book satisfied that void….”

#19 Funny Tee

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Awesome pineapple riding a pizza t-shirt, a perfect gift for somebody with a good sense of humor.

#20 Touch Screen Thermal Gloves

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Amazon’s choice for thermal touch screen friendly gloves. The black tips on the gloves allows for use of smart phones and other touch screen technology, without having to take off your gloves.


Thanks for reading!

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