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8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Guys


Don’t worry, we’re not going to shout at and lecture you like a teenage girl from Sweden who has less life experience than some of my t-shirts. But, it is probably true that we could all do with reducing our consumption where practical. Here we list 8 useful items you can buy, perhaps as a gift for a guy, or in order to reduce your environmental impact or carbon footprint or whatever buzzword you want to attach to it. Additionally these items are pretty damn useful as well, why would you keep using plastic to cover food, when you can re-use stretchy silicon stuff to cover your food?

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#1 Silicone Stretch Lids

A super quick and easy way to cover up your left over food, I tend to use foil for mine, which is pretty wasteful – and annoying because I always run out of foil when I need it for cooking! This variety pack of silicone stretch lids cover a range of sizes to snap over your bows, mugs, cups, plates, whatever. The exact sizes are in the description. You can wash and re-use these lids to prevent food waste and wasting plastic and foil to help store your food. Hopefully that negates the carbon footprint of heating a large volume of quartz sand to over 1800˚C.

#2 EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

One for our plant bros. The EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin comes with the Amazon’s Choice sticker, a sign of quality. *slaps EcoCrock Compost Bin* ‘this baby can hold up to 3-quarts of food’. Yep 3-quarts of food, who knows how much that even is but if you click through you will be able to see, it’s a pretty decent amount for a counter top compost bin. Also includes a charcoal filter that absorbs odours, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh.

The drafted bucket shape allows food scraps to slide out without a mess or hassle. If preferable, a plastic trash bag can be placed inside the bucket, to act as a bin liner, in fact, why use a plastic trash bag?

#3 Compostable Trash Bags

A great eco-friendly gift or addition to your kitchen. These bags have a shelf life of a year, and should avoid being placed near ‘excessive heat’ – what ever that is! I’m sure a cupboard would be fine. Save on plastic waste with these eco friendly bags, which will not end up in land fill or at some bogus recycling plant that hardly recycles anything.

These bags are made from the starches of plants and contains no polyethylene (i.e. plastic).

A 2.6 gallon/9.84 litre capacity trash bag. Size: 16.3 in x 16.5 in x 0.71 Mils; 100 Bags Per Roll. Certified in U.S. and Europe by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) in line with U.S. standard ASTM D6400.  These bags are also certified by European OK Compose Home meaning they can be used as garden or home composting.

#4 Bamboo Godamn Toothbrushes

An Amazon’s Choice product, a pack of four brushes which will each last up to a year, and is constructed of a smooth shaped handle, which won’t splinter. Instead of filling up landfills with unnecessary plastic products, grab these for a little eco-friendly addition to you rliving space, even the packaging is biodegradable.

You may be concerned about the whole charcoal thing, however many of the comments mention how well the brushes work and feel, charcoal seems to be the flavour of the month for health products.

Bamboo products appear to be a great way to cut down on waste, as they are long lasting durable, obviously less damaging than plastic, and maybe they help Pandas too who knows. Check out this article we sourced on bamboo products for more information. There are tonnes of other bamboo products around too, like bamboo paper towels, bamboo poo roll, bamboo sunglasses, and more.

#5 Metal Straws

Metal reusable straws, which unlike MacDonald’s paper straws (which aren’t even recycled – now that is next level virtue signalling), which dissolve in your mouth before you’ve finished your large milkshake…They can actually be re-used, they come in a 20 pack for a reasonable price and also comes with a little cleaning utensil.

No we’re not sure what the carbon footprint of mining iron ore and smelting it in a blast furnace before being shaped into a straw and distributed via one of the largest companies in the world, but whatever, at least they won’t end up as a necklace for turtles. You could also grab some awesome grass straws.

#6 Bioluz LED – Eco Series

Amazon’s Choice bulbs, these bulbs are high powered LEDs, 40 watts and 450 Lumens and come in warm white, with 2700K color temperature – want to know all about lighting terms an like what Lumens and ‘warm white’ means for you living space?

These are much more energy efficient that the typical energy consuming incandescent bulbs that you may have in you living space.

#7 Eco-Friendly Portable Wireless Bluetooth Bamboo Speaker & Phone Charger by REVEAL

No power outlet is required for this designer speaker, which combines natural aesthetics with sustainable bamboo, with energy efficient mono crystalline solar panels. This speaker also comes with one year warranty.

Bluetooth/wireless – paring is easy to sync with your device, no need for wires with a range of 33-feet. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, PC or Windows 10.

With the sustainable bamboo, combined with the solar power charging, this is a super eco-friendly addition to your bachelor pad or man cave!

#8 Natural Cotton Laptop Bag

Utility canvas laptop bag, which can fit laptops up to 16 inches. Swivelling shoulder strap and padded computer compartment to keep your laptop from getting banged around. This bag is made largely from all natural cotton canvas, which is apparently very environmentally friendly. It’s a shame they couldn’t replace those plastic clips with bamboo ones! Ah well, can’t win them all.

Thanks for reading! If you want some more gift for guys articles then check out our cologne article and our 30 housewarming gifts for guys.


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