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20 Masculine Reading Corner Ideas


A reading corner or reading nook can be a great way to flesh our your bachelor pad. It gives an air of sophistication and class, as well as having a space to chill out in. Sometimes it’s nice to turn off, log out and shut down, and dive into a book, especially in a time where most people just read headlines, tweets and emails.

If you want the perfect reading corner for your man cave or bachelor pad then you may want ot give our awesome book review article and our article on cool bookcases, for some awesome reading corner ideas for the male living space.

Here we list 21 awesome reading nook/reading corner inspiration ideas for your perusal…

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#1 Fresh mid-century Modern

reading nook with velvet blue occasional chair and tan hide rug

Mid century modern blue chair with yellow/tan faux cow hide rug. Blue and yellow work really well on the color wheel (hey, check out our awesome color wheel article which will explain why blue and yellow/gold go well together.

#2 Black Accent Wall Reading Corner

Image result for large plant reading corner

This is a cool little reading corner, with a mini book shelf down in the bottom right, and a cool antique-looking accent chair. Check out our article on moody black accent walls for some similar looking ideas.

#3 Mid-century Modern Industrial


Cool mid-century modern chair and side table with industrial floor lamp. This has the appearance of a ‘promotional’ looking living space, but it’s a nice idea with the minimalist floor lamp.

#5 Jungle Reading Corner

plant reading

This is a cool little jungle themed reading corner. Gather all your plants in your house and place them around your reading corner for a jungle themed corner. If you need tips on how to turn your living space into a jungle, then check out our article here. 

#5 Brick-White and Black Leather

Image result for masculine reading nook

A minimalist and classy looking reading corner, with a black/brown and white color scheme.

#6 Read and Recline


A cosy and classy reading corner with supper comfy looking accent chair. The bookcase here is built into the wall, which is a cool feature.

#7 Futuristic Reading Nook

Image result for Reading corner men

Futuristic reading nook with funky bendy light. This corner wouldn’t look out of place in one of the rooms of the Millennium Falcon. The light is a Brightech Sparq which you can purchase on Amazon through the link, or presumable from other stores.

#8 Japandi 

reading chair japandi


Japandi and manly reading corner with the leather recliner. For more Mid century modern Japanese styled decor inspiration, check out our article on the very subject, here. 

#9 Manly Reading Corner

Image result for Reading corner men

This cooler than cool masculine reading space looks awesome. The theme is definitely rustic and manly, with elemental decor pieces like wood and bricks.

#10 Classic Male Living Space

Image result for leather reading corner

If you ever frequent r/malelivingspace you will be well acquainted with the above recliner and ottoman combination, we even wrote about it in our awesome furniture combination article.

#11 Fresh and Unique Reading Corner

Image result for comfortable reading nook leatherImage Link

The whole wall of storage is a cool idea, plenty of space for books and storage. This is a pretty cool looking chaise lounge, which doesn’t look too regal, it comes across as quite modern and understated, which looks super cool.

#12 Modern Chaise Lounge

Another cool modern-looking chaise lounge reading corner with trendy looking wall units. This one is like the Tetris of chaise lounges, very blocky and modern; ideal for a mid-century modern styled living space. This would suit a modern male living space.

#13 Reading Wall

Reading nook with a lively sofa in a bold red color

This is less like a reading corner and more like a reading room! We like the look of that sofa, pretty cool, kind of looks like you may slide off it judging by the shape of it but, it’s a pretty nice idea to just have a giant bookcase in your living space. It’s always an aesthetic looking decor piece for a living space.

#14 Leather


Cool leather butterfly chair with with poof. There’s a sort of wild west theme going on here with the leather and native American wall art. Giving your reading space a theme is a nice idea! Definitely consider creating a theme for your male living space reading corner. Check out our article on awesome black accent walls for the male living space for some more inspiration.

#15 Blue and Brown

Blue and brown, we like the look of that accent chair too, nice idea, if anyone knows what make of chair that is drop it in the comments!

#16 Blue and Chilled

Image result for Bookcase chair

A marine blue accent wall and accent chair, with library shelf. The blue and yellow work well together, for reasons we talked about in our color cheme article.

#17 Brown and Classy


This is a nice classy looking reading corner. Those chairs and that bookshelf are very much in the mid-century modern styling, as is the carpet. Interesting wall color there, we’re not totally convinced about it though!

#18 Lounge Chair with Ottoman

10 unglaubliche coole Ideen: Holzbearbeitungsprojekte Tutorials Holzbearbeitungskabin #

Ah, there it is again, the classic masculine living room combo, ottoman and recliner. This is a super slick mid century modern reading nook, perfect for a modern male living space or bachelor pad.

#19 Basic Giant Lamp & Accent Chair

Image result for Bookcase chair

Yellow mid-century modern-esque accent chair with giant floor lamp. That floor lamp is almost comically large, but the simple corner chair and lamp combo is a nice and easy way to set up a reading corner on a budget.

#20 Mobile Reading Corner

Image result for Bookcase chair

Cool yellow accent chair with floor lamp with an awesome stand alone single tower book shelf. You can grab the spine book shelf from Amazon and other sites. This is a really nice idea, which can obviously be moved around easily with the mobile book shelf tower.

With those inspirational reading corners in mind, lets have a go at recreating our own one, below we’ve scoured Amazon for some affordable items with which to furnish your reading corner with.

Reading corner idea numbered

1: Floor Lamp

2:Versanora accent chair

3:Faux Antelope Skull

4: Spine Tower Bookshelf

5: Faux Cowhide Rug

Thanks for reading! Check out some of our other articles for some awesome inspiration for your bachelor pad or man cave.

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