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Trendy Arc Floor Lamps For The Male Living Space

test3Cool arc floor lamps are a hallmark of the male living space, they perfectly accent your awesome reading corners, or your mid-century modern living room couches. They come in an eclectic range, from super modern, to industrial, to minimalistic to Millennium Falcon (see below for that to make sense). The other uber popular kind of floor lamp you often see in cool male living spaces is of course, the tripod lamp, once you’re done here check out our article on tripod lamps! Maybe we have played fast and loose with the term ‘arc’ in places here, but the you will get the idea! So, lets begin and furnish your living space with some awesome trendy arc lamps… Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information see our About section. arc lamp in text photo

#1 Brightech Sparq

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Coming straight out of the gates we have a futuristic looking LED arc lamp. This lamp is three-way dimmable arc lamp. This is the ultimate minimalist, sleek looking arc lamp for an uber modern male living space. This accent light is approximately 67 inches tall, the Brightech’s graceful Sparq is described as a ‘medium to large lamp that matches many decor styles including modern, mid century, urban, minimalist, and traditional’. You can place the base of the light underneath the couch leaving the light to simply arc over the couch/chair. The 3,000K warm white color temperature and 2,000 lumens (110W incandescent equivalent). For some idea of what that previous sentence means, check out our article on color temperature.

#2 Brightech Logan

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This cool Logan floor lamp is a contemporary arc lamp which would suit a range of decor style. Upscale your male living space with this neutral linen lamp shade and sexy golden pole. This is a great lamp to stand up over the living room couch or a reading chair. The  1.5″ marble base slides easily under your couch, to hide it if you wanted. You can telescope the adjustable arc up to 44 inches from the pole. A perfect arc lamp for a sophisticated male living space.

#3 Versanora Metal Arc

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Designed with smooth curves for a mid-century modern style. This is one of the more minimalistic arc lamps, it kind of has a retro 60s throwback look to it. The chrome finished arc lamp is stablised by the heavy marble base, which you can slide under the counch or chair. Note, the lamp requires one 50W E26 bulb which is not included.

#4 Globe Electric Floor Lamp

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Okay, now this one really is minimalistic! The metal lamp has a industrial style to it, with the exposed accent bulb and minimal design. The lamp has the prestigious Amazon’s Choice sticker too. Note again, that the lamp doe snot include the bulb! It requires a 60w bulb. You can mix up the type of bulbs you use too change the style, you could even describe some of the bulbs as ‘accent bulbs’.

#5 Brightch Gold Floor lamp

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A Sleek and stylish gold colored curve arc lamp by Brightech. This would be a good color to pair with green, for reasons we discussed in our color wheel guide.  The light emits a 3,000K warm white light, perfect for a reading corner or for mood lighting. Andm because it is an LED, it will outlast energy wasting halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL) or incandescent bulbs. Want to know what the hell we’re talking about? Check our color temperature guide. A great arc lamp for your fresh and modern living space, and at a very reasonable price; in fact many of these arc lamps seem to be very affordable.

#6 CO-Z Industrial Floor Lamp

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Back to the more industrial looking arc lamps again, this aged bronze industrial floor lamp by CO-Z has an adjustable height (between 55”and 65”) and requires a 60W bulb (E26 socket type A). This would work well in a masculine or rustic home or bachelor pad. You can also buy a mini Amazon’s Choice version of this lamp to match, and perhaps go onto a nearby side table, or bedside cabinet.

#7 Brightech Zoey

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This lamp from Brightech is dimmable and light colored adjustable lamp, ideal for reading or mood lighting. You can choose your light from 3000k (yello-ish) to 4500k (white-ish) or for a more daylight color at 6000k. You can also adjust the brightness from between 10% and 100%. This is ideal for somebody who wants a more customizable living space.

#8 Wallniture Sol Adjustable Reading Floor Lamp

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The lamp is very much similar to the above in looks, except more affordable and somewhat less ostentacious. This lamp is made of sturdy and solid steel, you can adjust the neck position. It can hold and 60 watts bulb, and requires a E26 socket base.

#9 Addlon Floor Lamp 

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This well weighted, high-stability base prevent the arc lamp from being tipped over. With the Amazon’s Choice sticker, you know you are getting a quality lamp. Once again this lamp requires a 60w bulb. If you purchase a smart outlet, this lamp can be used with all the home-spying….sorry, home assistance like Google Home, Alexa etc.

#10 CO-Z Industrial Floor Lamp

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This one kind of has the appearence of an old school london street light or something, a nice unique accent piece to add to your living space. Ths is another one with the Amazon’s Choice sticker. The lamp is compatible with E26 socket bulbs, like most of the lamps in this article (max. 100W, a 60W Edison bulb included).

#11 Kira Home Akira

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This is on the slightly more expensive side of the spectrum, but then again there are three shades! Elegant and easy to assemble, this would be super stylish to place ocer one of those large L-shaped couches.

#12 Rivet Modern Arc Floor Lamp

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Grab this sexy sleek matte black arc floor lamp. Constructed of a metal body, with white fabric shade. The lamp is easy to assemble within 20 minutes, apparently. The shade is an adjustable shade made from a linen-like fabric, its simple and contemporary style is perfect for a reading area or living room.

#13 Modway Spectrum Mid-Century Modern Steel Floor Lamp In Black

                                                                                          Buy on Amazon
Light err, err finds a way. This floor lamp resembles some sort of explosion of light bulbs. Very unique and non-confirming. Comprising black alloy steel and a standard electric cord, placing this behind your couch on by your reading corner will create a cool and unique accent piece for your living room or bedroom. The light bulbs themselves will create more of a mood lighting effect, with warm light.
Thanks for reading! Check out some of our other articles for some awesome inspiration for your bachelor pad or man cave. my face cartoon

 – James

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