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Dumb Gifts to Buy Your Foodie Friends

The last two decades has been the era of the foodie. Mega-super-chef stars are now mainstream celebs, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Guy Fieri etc. The rise of YouTube gave this era a new epoch of YouTube Chef-lebrities and foodie shows like Hot Ones. Anyway, that’s enough language butchery, lets look at some dumb (but also quite cool) things to buy for your foodie friends.

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#1 Edible Gold Spray


This edible food spray is a fun gift for foodies. Click through the link below and there’s some awesome birthday cake photos which have been decorated with this spray and they look amazing. They’d probably want to put on a couple of coats of the spray. Judging by the comments, this spray would be especially fun for somebody who is into their baking or cupcakes. Over all, a good fun gift for a food fan.

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#2 Miracle Fruit Tablets

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“Miracle Fruit” is a taste-altering berry that causes sour foods to be perceived as sweet. This is no snake oil, miracle fruit comes from West Africa where the natives used it to improve their foods taste – here’s an extract from a peer reviewed science article on NCBI: For example, natives may have incorporated the Miracle Fruit into their diet solely for the hedonic value of sweet perception. It is also possible that West African natives who routinely used the Miracle Fruit incorporated larger quantities of fermented foods into their cuisine than cultures without access to the Miracle Fruit. Although it originated in West Africa, the flavor-altering Miracle Fruit berry is now internationally available.

The tablets contain 100% miracle berry powder, about 3.5 berries per tablet. The sensation only effects the taste buds on the tongue for about 1 hour. A great fun gift for a foodie.

#3 Food Science Book

Science is food. The eminent celeb chef Heston Blumenthal – owner of the Fat Duck in the UK, which often wins best restaurant in the world – describes himself as a food scientist. The Food Lab is by MIT graduate and celebrity chef J. Kenji López-Alt; so you know you’re getting some beefy food science in there. The book has won several awards, and was a New York Time’s best seller – a no brainer for your brainy foodie buddies.

“The ultimate book for science nerds who cook.” ― Wired

If you’re friend isn’t so science-y then I would highly recommend the Snoop Dog cook book. Or, if you have a British friend, consider getting The Hungover Cookbook.

#4 Hot Sauce Kit 

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Hot Ones is a popular talk show on YouTube where celebs are interviewed whilst trying out increasingly spicier hot sauces. In keeping with this hot sauce trend, the above make your own hot sauce kit by DUY gift kits. Includes recipes and a flavor guide, custom labels stickers, squeeze and glass woozy bottles, bottling funnel and more. This is an awesome present for a foodie friend who loves spicy food.

Review] HOT ONES: Watch Your Favorite Celebs Answer Hot Questions While  Eating Even Hotter Chicken Wings! — Steemit

Sean Evans, host of First We Feast’s popular YouTube web series Hot Ones; with Ricky Gervais.

#5 Electric Frother

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the whisk is made of food grade premium stainless steel, perfect for frothing up a coffee, or milk, or double cream or egg whites etc. The whisk has several attachments and is easy to clean. An ideal gift for a coffee lover to level up their morning cup of Joe. Check out the product promos and comments to see it in action.

If you happen to be a millionaire, you may want to grab your buddy this ridiculous food art printer on Amazon which can print designs, including selfies, onto coffees, cakes and even beer foam. There are 66 pre-set classic coffee decoration designs for you to choose. Also, you can use your own photos in your phone.

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