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Best Christmas e-Gifts For Men


Many of us are having our birthdays and events ruined by Covid-19 (yeah I know 1st world problems). A lot of my friends and family are asking for money for their birthdays, which is kind of sad! So, here are some great alternate and cheap gifts you can buy guys that will give them a nice surprise during these stultifying

#1 A Cartoon Face

In this increasingly digital world, ‘digital gifts’ are more and more popular, and don’t take up space in the corner of your spare room. Last year, for example, I experimented with getting people the gift of a cartoon big head of themselves. The one above is an example of yours truly, in front of a giant waffle in Belgium (where else)… I used this guy on Fiverr; who is one of the more affordable cartoonist (and very generous on the teeth front..) on the platform. He costs something like $8, all though, I did leave a tip for fast delivery (it was around 2 days turnaround). There are a tonne of other cartoonists on the platform with great reviews as well, and they all have different styles of cartoons.

The cartoon big heads went down a storm with friends and family, who all instantly changed their social media profile pictures to their cartoon big head counter-parts.

#2 Adopt an Animal WWF


This is a nice gift for someone who never knows what they want to get, we all know somebody like this… I often buy these as gifts for people and their faces light up with surprise. To any Generation Zedders reading; this is almost like virtue signalling, except it’s for somebody else and its actually useful (so actually, nothing like virtue signalling).

The prices start from a few dollars a month. so probably a gift best for a close family member. The recipient will get a welcome pack (so not really an e-gift as such, but the toy is optional) with all kinds of information about the chosen species, as well as a cute plush toy!


#3 Cameo 

Cameo is a website where you can pay celebrities at a fixed rate to deliver a brief, personalised, video message (usually around 30 seconds long). Cameo was founded in 2017, but ever since Covid, it has exploded into a paroxysm of celebrity attention seeking and hilarity. But, if you avoid the ludicrously priced ones which barely have any reviews because nobody buys them ($1000+ for Caitlyn Jenner!?) there are some excellent and fun deals.

Some absolute steals on this platform include a personalised message from the real life Peter Griffin, Rob Franzese, for just 20 dollars. He sounds exactly like Peter Griffin, and looks like him. I’ve saved this link in my bookmarks next time one of my friends has a birthday. This is definitely an easy win if you need an e-gift for a millennial.

The good thing about Cameo is the mileage somebody can get out of it, obviously they get the initial video which is a fun surprise; after that they can show all of their friends. Having a cheeky personalised celebrity or voice actor clip on your phone is perfect bar/pub fodder or an ice breaker moment. If you have a bigger budget, check out the ‘Epic Voice Guy’ for a movie trailer styles cameo video.

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