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40 Awesome Red Accent Wall Tips For Men

Love, fire, passion, rage, anger, intensity. A red accent wall will add a wave of edginess to your male living space. It’s not the most common color for an accent wall, which will usually be less intense colors, less pink (especially drunk tank pink), less reds, less dark colors; more blues, more pastel and unsaturated colors. Red accent walls can make a room a bit dark so you’ll need to use your best judgement on how much light the room gets and what the other colors of the room are. A well-lit predominantly white room with a red accent wall will work well, for example.

Red can be an awesome accent wall color, particularly for a cool male living space or bachelor pad. It has an intense and sexy darkness to it which can be appealing and different in our modern, bright white, minimalist (boooooring) world. For some general tips on how to position an accent wall check out our article here. Also, check out our article on how to paint a wall. Red accent walls are not out of fashion, below when we go through some pictures of rooms with red accent walls – you will see how they work really well in a mid-century modern living room, bedroom and more.

Lets have a look at some inspiration for red accent walls and go through, briefly, how each works and why. To break it up a bit we will go through some themes that you can use alongside a red accent wall such as…

Use Plants

Green is analogous to red on the color wheel, therefore it works in a color scheme. Using plants as your analogous color to red naturally looks good. Plants also look good in general so it’s a double whammy. It can also break up the intensity of the imposing red wall.

Dots of green plants within the room bounce off the red accent wall. This wall is a much darker, clay-like red, which has a calmer, pastoral effect.

Bold red accent wall in hallway with uber-leafy green plant. This works great with dark red accent walls; which are more trendy and easy on the eye than brighter accent walls.

Maroon and white with accent lighting and green plant. Picture the above without the green plant – it takes some interest and character out of the scene doesn’t it? This room looks a bit dark, probably due to having a dark carpet and a dark red accent wall – a potential misstep.

Here’s another example of the power of a splash of green a plant cant provide a red accent wall. Also, note that this is also an example of a triadic color scheme, featuring primarily red, yellow/gold and blue. Check out our color scheme article for more info on this.

Gallery Wall

This one looks like an obvious promo type shoot, but still, nice idea with the gallery wall coming in at a slant to add some texture to a living space. Nice idea with the gray bar beneath the red accent wall to break the room up a bit, and then placing a red couch in front of the grey couch – a nice idea to play with.

Can I get away with this being a gallery wall? It’s like a gallery wall of guitars. Still, the general idea of breaking up the bold red wall with items and pictures is a universal theme which seems to work really well.

Gallery wall on red accent wall, behind couch.

Black and red scheme. Red accent wall with bold black framed pictures and desks.

This is an unusual one, a red accent wall within a bathroom. This is pretty out there, bathrooms usually have blue or white, but it looks pretty cool to me.

Living Room

This floating wall painted red looks really cool with the TV bracket attached to it. The floating speakers neatly arranged around the TV looks really cool as well.

Very face apartment living room with a bold red wall and mid-century modern brown couch. Looks a bit staged, but still a nice example of a complimentary color scheme with red and blue.

A cozy red accent wall on the main wall of a living room (all though I’m not sure where the TV is…). Imagine the red accent wall wasn’t in the above room, it would look too boring.

This is a funky room, this one looks like red wall paper. It works well with the black and white surroundings.

Another cool living room scene. This one actually looks a bit dark – though the blinds are half shut making it hard to tell. This is something to consider if you are going to use a red accent wall as it can make a living space darker compared to a white wall or a lighter colored wall.

Red and yellow accent chair and red wall – an example of an analogous color scheme. Nice idea with the white wall art to brighten up the wall and room.

Nice refreshing mid-century modern apartment room with red accent wall.

All white room with red accent wall living room. To brighten up the above room, you could add some white wall art to the red wall.

Between two ferns. White and red color scheme. The bold green plants bring the room together well.

This is an awesome mid-century modern – but still some how vintage – office/living room. This wall is verging on being orange. It’s a good example of lightening the wall color to avoid the room being too dark.

Red Accent Walls for Your Bedroom

If you’re wondering if red accent walls work in a bedroom? Well yes, red accent walls can work well in a bedroom; however, blue works much better – Moody Blue Accent Wall Mood Board – FURNISH HIM

Here’s some red accent wall inspiration for your dining room

Lets Look at Some Killer Combos to Pair with a Red Accent Wall

Sanguine red wall with gold accent lamp. This is a promo photo obviously but still looks cool.

A red accent wall with a large, black and white dominant art piece worked really well.

Red accent wall and striking silver accent light working in tandem.

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