Fryway To Hell: 4 Awesome Air Fryers For a Mans Kitchen

Air fryers were only invented in 2010, since then they have hit the kitchen scene like a lean leg of chicken hitting a banjo. Air fryers are a type of small convection oven that are able to make crispy and fried food with minimal or no oil (you can choose). The key to an air fryer is the speed the heated air is sent around the basket (which is also perforated to increase air flow to the food). This hot air is constantly hitting the upper layer of the food in an even fashion, which not only cooks the inside of the food, but leads to an even, crispy, golden-brown coating.

Air fryers cut off about 70-80% calories, compared to fat-fried counterparts – making the food healthy and as fat-free as possible. You can make a huge variety of dishes ranging from simple potato chips to desserts, including pastries or brownies. This compact appliance is able to cook the food WAY faster (there’s a steep learning curve here, mine pretty much halves time for fries) and in a much healthier way compared to microwave ovens or deep-frying.

Unlike microwaves, models of air fryers vary with interesting distinguishing features. Some air fryers seem to just replace deep frying whereas others have multitasking capabilities making them serve as a toaster oven or pressure cooker as well. So we decided to do thorough some of the best air fryers currently on the market, in order to give you a better guidance along with pros and cons of each model.

#1 COSORI Air Fryer

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Capacity: 5.8 quart

Temperature Range: 170°–400°F

Wattage: 1700 W

The COSORI air fryer is a digital air fryer. You can simply touch the control panel in order to pre-set the cooking time. The LED display panel is designed in an inclined manner so you can easily touch and see the digits without bending. There are options for pre-set temperatures and also a shake reminder, so you don’t have to monitor the air fryer consistently. This pre-select temperature option and shake reminder not only save time but also help with even cooking of the food. It makes the cooking easier by eliminating 85% fats from your food, compared with deep fat frying (not really a fair comparison, but still healthy none the less).

A downside may be that this air fryer is quite large and cumbersome; it does look like something Darth Vader would have in his office – does he even an office? The bucket is a 5.8 quart square basket, which is quite large, it measures 9 x 9 x 3.75 in. The upside is that you can easily cook a big batch of food at a time and serve 3-5 people. The basket is non-stick and is safe to be washed in dishwashers. You can cook 100 different recipes available in their cook-book with it’s 10 One-touch pre-sets at a fast speed. Some reviews do mention an issue with steam output and noise, but the cooking is so fast noise shouldn’t be a big issue, if you have a door to your kitchen then it’s a non-issue.

What we like:

  • Ideal for big batch cooking.
  • Lots of digital options for different types of cooking.

What we don’t like:

  • Build quality lagging compared with more premium brands.

#2 Ninja Air Fryer

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Ninja lifestyle air fryer review

Capacity: 4 quart

Temperature Range: 105°–400°F

Wattage: 1500

Ninja Air Fryers are famous because of their durability. The capacity varies from model to model so you can choose according to your desired servings. This particular air fryer is a multi-tasker unlike many other air fryers in the market. You can make variety of dishes with it’s programmable cooking functions including roast, dehydrate, reheat and air fry. You can get a temperature range of 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit. When the hot air circulates through the food it makes the food crispier on the outside but the inside remains moist and juicier. The basket has a capacity which can comfortably to serve 2 people.

If we talk about design it is quite compact and will look aesthetically pleasing on your countertop. The LED display is present at the front so you can easily set the temperature using the touch pad. In addition to this, the basket has a complete non-stick coating and is easy to use. You can also clean it in a very easy way in a dishwasher or simply hand wash. This air fryer is one of the most efficient and well-priced air fryers.

What we like:

  • It’s multi-functional & is able to roast, air fry, reheat and dehydrate food.
  • The design is very sleek with a glossy finish.

What we don’t like:

  • Timer carries out even when basket is pulled out.
  • Cookbook isn’t fantastic.

#3 Philips Premium TurboStar Air Fryer

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Capacity: 2.75 quart

Temperature Range: Upto 350°F

Wattage: 1425 W

Phillips invented air fryers, and it shows as they are often the best in quality and innovation. Philips Premium TurboStar has a very compact size and an LED display is present at the front to set the temperature and time. Its capacity is about 2.75 quart, that is enough for 2 people. Though there are other models available with larger capacities. This air fryer can offer variety of cooking as compare to other air fryers. It not only cook the food moist and crisp but also, evenly, so it turns golden brown. This Philip Premium air fryer can also work well for greasy food that is usually prohibited in air fryers because it may cause smoke. It is the only air fryer with a splatter lid making its use easier. As the other mentioned air fryers it’s also very easy to clean. There are very few downsides to a new Phillips air fryer other than the premium price tag which accompanies them.

What we like:

  • Solid build quality and good looks.
  • Food turns out to be very crispy and perfectly cooked.

What we don’t like:

  • You have to pay extra money for accessories.
  • premium price tag.

#4 Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer 

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Capacity: 3.6 quart

Temperature Range: 200°F -400°F

Wattage: 1200 W

Chefman TurboFry has a capacity of 3.6 quart, that is perfect for 2-3 servings. You can make low-fat food within the temperature range of 200-400 degree Fahrenheit. This temperature setting can be done through the dual knob that is present it the front. You can also set the time using this knob anywhere up to 60 minutes. It has a very sleek and matte finish with a flat basket. The basket has a ceramic coating and has air vents that allow air circulation. This results into easy and even cooking. But, there are grooves in the basket so you may have to clean it time to time in order to prevent accumulation of grease.

What we like:

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Price is affordable.

What we don’t like:

  • The grease may build-up in the grooves of basket.

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