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10 Awesome Desktop Bookshelves For Men

Words words words said Hamlet in Shakespeare. But not all of us have space for a giant bookcase, Hamlet. Anyway, here we show some examples of miniature bookcases for your cool male living space (I have to get these keywords in somewhere). Shove some work books at your home working desk, or have one on a side table with your current books on.

We have a few book articles on our site, so check out some awesome books men should consider reading. Also remember to throw any salesman self help books in a bonfire after reading my article about self help books. Some links will take you to Amazon, in case you wanted to check out some of the products we mention; see our About section for more info.

#1 Shelf Tree Bookcase

This wooden geometric – five shelf – tree bookcase, available in three different colors, is an ideal book holder for your home office or as a desktop item anywhere in your apartment or house. The cool and mid-century modern looking design provides a strong structure. The book case seems to be able to hold heavy books, as written in one review. Some reviews aren’t as positive so have a browse, there are plenty of similar ones available. Whoever posted review photo above clearly never read my self help book article…

#2 Adjustable Desktop Bookshelf

Coming in two colors, this desktop bookshelf, by Hossejoy, is made from natural MDF wood. The material is a uniform color, wear-resistant, durable and load bearing apparently. The mini book shelf requires some assembly with basic tools and instruction included. Beware that this is an adjustable piece made from two separate pieces of shelf.

#3 YCOCO Desktop Shelf Bookshelf

This desktop bookshelf can hold quite a few books, perfect if your work requires some reading. There seems to be a good refund and replacement policy for this product is either reassuring or disconcerting. Made from MDF board, and measuring 16.3″Lx7.5″Wx16.3″H. There is assembly required.

#4 2-Layer Storage Shelf

Another two part kit which can be jigged around your work desk or wherever to provide storage or a desktop bookshelf. Made of premium 12mm MDF board, which is sturdy and durable. This has many good reviews which are worth checking to see the photos of the product in situ. Over 4.5 star ratings and over 400 reviews, this one has the Amazon’s Choice sticker. Easy assemble and maintain. All accessories are included.

Here is the shelf in action in one of its three iterations, looks pretty good, and of course can hold other items than just books.

#5 MyGift Rustic Barnwood Gray Display Bookshelf

A really cool mini book shelf to place on your desk – looks like it could hold around 10 normal sized books. Approximate Dimensions: 13.4 H × 6.7 W × 10 L (in inches). Assembly is required, but it looks pretty easy. This is a nice piece for a mid-century modern styled living space. Perhaps this would suit a grey accent wall – check out our article on grey accent walls if you agree.

#6 Desktop Bookshelf, Wood Tree Display Shelf

This durable, sturdy, desktop shelf is made from all natural wood, built to last for years to come. This is a useful lowkey book tree to help clear up your desk and add some inspiration to your work space. It’s easy to set up and comes in black and white. There is only one review so have a good read of the product info. Easy to assemble and looks like it can hold 5-10 books.

#7 Fox Claw Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf

Lightweight bamboo book shelf, which includes a sliding action to increase or decrease it’s length. Looks like it can hole a good 10-15 books in total.

#8 PAG Adjustable Desk Shelf

Another one made from good quality wood material, this mini bookshelf is a stable shelf with a smooth surface and a nice and varied look with loots of spaces for different sized books and items. This one has tonnes of positive ratings and is a reasonable price to boot. This is another desktop bookshelf which comes in two different pieces which can be arranged in several different iterations.

#9 PAG Desktop Bookshelf

This desktop bookshelf is constructed of Melamine board. 100% recyclable material. A great piece for a masculine apartment (I really shoehorned that key word in). This one has less reviews than most, but they are positive reviews, at least. All tools required for assembly are required. Position it sideways or upright for a different aesthetic and shape.

#10 Clear Acrylic Desk File Sorter

This is a basic one, which seems to be more of an office item, but if you think about it, this would be a nice minimalist book organiser for your current reads. Some promos even show it being used as a handbag organiser, so its pretty multifunctional.

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