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Moody Blue Accent Wall Mood Board

The header image for this article is a blue painting which sold for $43.8 million in 2013. You probably couldn’t afford Barnet Newman’s blue painting, nor would you want to actually buy the piece of pretentious shit (I think modern art might be a big Ponzi scheme…). But, instead of dropping 40 million on a large blue oblong, you can just paint one of your walls blue. Blue comes in many useful shades and you can mix up the brightness and saturation to suit many living spaces. Use blue to add personality to an all white living space, give character to a bathroom or calm a reading corner down with deep blue. In fact, blue works amazingly well as an accent wall color for a bathroom with its lagoon, deep water and beach vibes. Stripe it with white for a naval impression.

Blue is a very masculine color, oozing calmness and boldness; inspiring thoughts of the moody deep blue sea and all of it’s inhabitants. Blue has a natural calming effect on the human mind. Art historian Denis Dutton once claimed that the favorite color in the world is blue because it reminds us of blue skies and peaceful visages of lakes and rivers that offer us mental comfort. But, without getting too pretentious, ultimately, blue just looks cool.

We have the big blue accent wall mood board below, which contains loads of cool ideas and themes which may inspire you to go blue. You will see lots of blue wall and and yellow/gold decor in the themes below. This is because blue and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel, known as a ‘complementary’ color scheme. You’ll also notice greens being used alongside the blue accent walls. Green and blue are next to each other on the color wheel, therefore, this is an analogous color relationship or ‘harmony’ as it is often called. You may even get blue, green and yellow; which probably falls under a ‘split complementary’. A blue, yellow and red scheme is known as a ‘triadic’ and so on and so fourth. Obviously you could ignore the color wheel and use neutral colors or go for a power clash, but that may backfire.

So, if you need blue accent wall inspiration for your cool male living space, for a masculine reading corner, for a new apartment, for a man cave, for a whatever then please enjoy the collection below.

Thanks for checking out our big blue accent wall mood board; we hope it provided you with some good inspiration for your cool male living space, or masculine home/ apartment. I have to get those key words in somewhere or you will end up on some womanish furnishing site! Forgive me. Please check out some of our other articles below. Check out our sister article to this one – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Blog: Nautical Interior Design For Men.

By James

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