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Power Clash or Just Bad Decor?

A CLASH of textures, directions, colors, themes, shapes and furniture items can add toward some kind of discordant charm. But how much is too much? And, actually what even is a fucking power clash? And should I be writing this article after a 13 hour field survey and after drinking a bottle of cheap white wine?

All fantastic questions. So, what is a power clash? Usually it is a phrase that is used by pointy headed snobs in fashion; two or more bold themes being played off against each other to provide a clash. Take the below, chequers contrasted with bold strips; contrasted once more with the unique pattern of the pocket square. That is a power clash. So how do you apply it to your home? And do you even want to?

Peps Pocket Square - Striiiipes

See what we mean? That yellow pocket square shouldn’t work, and maybe you think it doesn’t. But it does draw attention, it is an interesting power clash.

Below we have some power clash inspiration, contrasting your wall paper to your floor is one way of achieving it – consider an accent wall with some geometric wall paper for example. Another way is using colors which don’t usually get paired together on the color wheel. Orange and turquoise? In fact how about orange with anything? Bright yellow mixed with white? Even red and blue – which are ‘complimentary’ colors, that is; they are opposite each other on the color wheel, provide a bizare clash when used in excess. So does blue and yellow for that matter. How about clashing shapes, Burberry faded strips next to a black wall; spikes with semi-circle wall paper etc.

Below we showcase some power clash ideas for your decor. But, it is up to you to decide if it’s a power clash – or bad decor… Here is our power clash decor mood board. Disclosure: The links present in this article may direct you to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases; please buy a Porsche.

This above living space in a, sort of, mid century modern style using large decor pieces to provide a power clash. The texture of the bizarre stairway art on the left contrasts with the spaced out TV mount colonnades on opposite it – then the big bold tree thing in the middle provides another clash of style, with a big bold trunk. Obviously this is an extreme example, but hopefully it gives a good idea of how to clash large decor pieces.

Shameless advertorial

Mohawk Home New Wave Power Clash Rug

A cool color clashy’ rug to add to your cool male living space.

Aztec Blanket

This fresh, brightly colored Mexican/Aztec throw is a perfect way to add some power clash to your living space, without going overboard.

So are these examples of fashionable color clash or is it just bad decor? Its just bad decor isn’t it… Thanks for reading. Check out some of our other articles below.

By James

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