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Minimalist decor for men has become a somewhat meme in recent months, thanks to the advent of certain Reddit subs and forums. But what is minimalism? And why do some guys dig it? Do they just not have much stuff? Are they just not very materialistic?

Let’s check out some truly inspirational minimalist decor styles for cool male living spaces. With a completely straight face, and absolutely no tongue in cheek whatsoever.

This minimalist living space by Yayoi Kusama really uses the color white in a subtle and non obvious way. Remember to wipe your shoes before entering.

From Chernobyl, we really like the rustic vibes of this – rough round the edges – living space. Slightly too radioactive for some no doubt, but I’m sure the cool male living space lobby will approve. Just look at that mid-century modern leaning floor lamp.

This image of a crack den we found on Google is a no thrills, no panache, minimalist style, with piquant and quaint tones gently coalescing. Shout out to the cat tower there – even crack addicts like cats.

Brian and Stewie have got the right idea here in this extremely minimalistic living room, or it could be a bathroom, or hallway?

Patrick Bateman’s apartment from American psycho is pretty minimalist. Even his plain white throws on his couch and the laminate he puts on his flooring has a minimal vibe.

The black hole in this minimalist living room really accentuates the vacuumous void of the minimalist mentality.

This rust-yellow and sky-blue inspired minimal living space has an excellent dead wood coffee table in the centre.

This prison cell has a wonderful distressed metal style bed with an almost brutalist architecture feel to it. We’d love to get our hands on that industrial inspired work desk in the corner. Truly a refined living space for a young bachelor. We really like the superb green accent wall; maybe we should of added it to our moody green accent wall article.

Okay okay, look, you may of guessed that I hate minimalism. We’re much more about maximalism here at Furnish Him, which is way more fun. It’s not that I can’t understand a concerted effort to abandon rampant consumerism, after all, you can’t buy meaning; money only buys a cheap form of happiness. However, even cavemen painted their walls. And art is cheap. In an increasingly digital world, having physical items is a boon; how else could one explain the huge rise in vinyl sales in 2020?

Having said all of this, I’m not entirely convinced that real minimalism even exists outside of Buddhist temples, concept photoshoots and snobbish blog posts from people who claim meditation changed their lives. Minimalism just seems to be another angle of modern hipsterdom. A buzzword for boorish moralists, decor masochists, another way for the man buns and yoga mats to feel morally superior; all because they threw out their old CDs and you didn’t. Well, jokes on them because my 20 year old pirated copy of By The Way by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers doesn’t come with adverts in between each song – how’s that for shunning consumerism.

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By James

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