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Awesome L-Shaped Desks for Your Home Office – Under $300

While a lot of us are still working from home due to corona, many may have put off attaining a home office space. But, you can only pile up old reports in the corner of your living room for so long before they become some kind of fire hazard or something. Your lower lumbers are crying for some kind of human posture, rather than a crumpled up ape pretending to work whilst browsing decor websites.

Even if you get back to work soon, we predict that a lot of companies will incentivise more work from home. And, maybe it will provide you with motivation and a space to finally start that online side hustle – which is a lot easier than you think. If last year taught us anything, it’s that you can’t always rely on governments and your company when the proverbial hits the fan. So, with that in mind we here at Furnish Him have I’ve scrawled Amazon for some cool L shaped desks that you can add to your cool male living space.

Dwight Schrute and his Mega Desk #megadesk (With images ...

We chose L-shaped desks as they can add new angles and shapes to an open up your space and provide it with a new dimension. It’s like a mini office all in one corner. Much more fun that a simple flat pack desk. Many of them would also be good as a kind of hot-desk for your roommate or partner to join you.

Disclaimer, all links go to Amazon in this article where we may receive a profit from a bought item, so feel free to buy a helicopter as well as a cool desk.

#1 Nost & Host Computer Desk with Shelves

Made from P2 particle board, which is apparently scratch resistant, heat-resistant (I mean, use a coaster anyway…) and waterproof. Check out the review photos for some idea of the size and look outside of promo photos that we have to use… we don’t want to mess with Bezos now that he’s jacked…

Average Rating: 5 stars; 30+ ratings

#2 Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

You can see in the above promo photo how an L shape desk can transform a room; particularly an open floor plan room. By adding anything angle in the mix. This L shaped desk is made from safe Material: E1 Class Particle Board and with a thick steel skeleton. The reviews are pretty beaming, so check them out.

Average Rating: 4.5 stars; 400+ ratings

#3 Tribesigns Rotating Computer Desk

This black wood and metal, compact work space desk comes in two parts which rotate! This smaller work space combines a space to work and a cool mid-century modern book shelf appended to it.

This is the transformers of desk world, with four iterations that you can choose from, below.

Average Rating: 4.5 stars; 200+ ratings

#4 Sedeta L Shaped Computer Desk

Black 59 inch corner computer desk, with shelves and one drawer. Sleek black with sturdy metal frame and loads of storage spaces for books, files, printers and more. Now imagine it with, say, a cool faux cow hide rug underneath it. The working space easily allows you to fit two monitors up on the main desk. Some reviews mention putting it together was difficult, however they were mostly millennial women.

Average Rating: 4.5 stars; 140+ ratings

#5 Basic L Shape Desk

This basic double black desk is ideal if you already have a book case! Or want a simpler home office. The table top is wood with a surface made from an electrostatic powder coated surface; whatever that means!

Average Rating: 4.5 stars; 200+ ratings

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