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Cool Male Living Space Inspiration: The London Look

Good day sir, our editors were jealously scrolling through at places we could never afford in London town. We decided that whilst we could not afford them, we can screen shot them and put them on our website. What a jolly good idea! We are not endorsed by that site, they would probably wouldn’t want to endorse us… Anyway we’ve gathered some awesome cool male living space inspiration, all from the trendiest and coolest homes you can stay in, in London. Not hotels, but houses. It’s air BnB for rich people we guessed. It also appears to be a way of making money off lavish houses before they are sold to Chinese and Russian billionaires.

Does London even have a look, decor wise? Who knows, maybe if we do more articles like this we will find out; all though we have a suspicion that design and architecture are dominated by the same snooty cabal in every big city. Anyway, tin hats off, lets see what we have chaps! Also, we will be adding tips on how to alter some of the below living spaces to make them more manly! Yes! Let’s begin…

#1 Kingsley Mews

Leaning chair with ottoman in mid-century modern living space; Kensington - Central London

Kingsley Mews, just $600 a night! Cheap as chips as they say in England. And look, there it is, you knew it was coming. The classic Eames lounge chair with ottoman which is in every single cool male living space known to cool men who live in spaces everywhere. I haven’t seen a TV that small since 2005. All they have to do to turn this room into an official cool male living space is simply add a cow hide rug underneath the recliner – a combo we speak about in our cool male living space furniture combo article, here.

#2 Marylebone

Art Deco cool male living space in London Marylebone. With cool brown leather chairs and arch floor lamp.

$500 a night house in Marylebone, Central London. Right near Oxford Street if you fancied a tailored suit (with top hat of course). This is a pretty funky, maximalist looking art decor living room. This is what we expected to see from the luxury Hondon homes. A bit of Oscar Wilde-esque ostentatiousness.

#3 South Kensington

This excessive four bed in South Kensington, Central London has a goddamn lift in the centre. It looks like it's from Futurama.

This excessive four bed in South Kensington, Central London has a goddamn lift in the centre. It looks like it’s from Futurama. No need to waddle up the apples and pears after one too many warm beers. $1400 a night might put you off though. It even has a sizable balcony…

A lovely little London balcony with a truly ugly view of, probably 60s era brick housing.

Ooo what a wonderful, err, view? London was obliterated in WW2 to be fair, so you can’t blame them for having views of dreadful 60s housing – blame Germany for that. We cannot blame Germany for that dreadful furniture, though.

#4 The Round house

Cool male living space, living room with snooker table, and black leather decor. Kensington, London
Cool masculine mid-century modern living room. Black leather. London UK
Interesting seating in the Round House, Blyth Road, Kensington.
A rooftop terrace in Kensington Olympia, London, UK

Now we’re cooking with gas. 6 beds, $1600 a night, and in a bizarrely round house in Kensington. There it is, again, that recliner with ottoman. We’re digging the giant beanbag there too. Snooker table, pool (we hope it’s heated) in the background, a roof top terrace. Rock and roll. However, we think the TV could be bigger to be honest… You at least want to be able to see it from the pool, surely?

#5 Masbro Road

Masculine modern reading nook in Kensington London

A masculine black and grey living room with an industrial/modern feel.

Ah, a humble $500 a night. This house has some pretty cool masculine decor designs with black, grey and white tones and an industrial/modern feel throughout the living room. If you wanted to improve this, you might want to add some color! A nice Union Jack throw or something.

#6 Brunswick Place

Reading nook with leather chair and ottoman.

This one is $500 a night in Regent’s Park, Central London. This is a pretty cool living room reading nook here. Super modern and funky, with off the wall art and a zebra style carpet, nice touch.

#7 Holland Park Road

A cool sophisticated living space in London with white walls and a black carpet.

A $400 dollar a night, bookish and sophisticated looking living room in Kensington. We do like the floating shelves there. But, once again, that TV is atrocious. Again, what is with the TVs in London? has the BBC got that bad? Yes is the answer to that. We like the black carpet, but they could modernise the space with a cool mod-mod couch, maybe a nice black one.

#8 Albion Street

Blue and Yellow complimentary color scheme.

Nearly a grand a night in Bayswater, central London. We’re digging the silky blue loveseat there with yellow wall art. Straight from the blue and yellow complimentary color scheme play book we wrote about.

#9 Gerald Road

cool living room with accent yellow chair and large black lamp features.

Belgravia, Central London, 12 hundo a night, nice. We weren’t completely sold on this one, we actually only put in in the article because we thought that wall art was of a snake. It’s not a snake; it’s a gymnast. But with a few tweaks, changing that to a snake and maybe using some black cushions we’re good to go. The big black lamp and bright yellow accent chair is a cool combo.

#10 Mount Ararat Road

Super cool London living space, a cool modern living space for men.

Richmond, south west London, just a humble $700 a night. This one is almost too cool… A tip for non Brits, if somewhere has ‘Mount’ in the name then it’s a high class area. We do like toe cow furniture, if you do too then check out our cow decor article.

#10 Grant Percy Street

$700 a night, Clerkenwell, central. Have you got a loicense for that recliner with ottoman, sir? We’re liking that scoopy chair too, very mid-mod. Once again, if they wanted to level up this cool corner of the room, all they have to do is add a faux (or real) cow hide carpet. It’s that easy; they’ve missed a trick there.

#11 Primrose Hill

A simple $300 a night in leafy North London. There are actually way too many accent chairs in this living room… Also, we end up thinking this a lot, but they really should consider a distressed carpet! The blank white one is too solid for modern living spaces. Distressed carpets definitely accentuate cool male living spaces and the mid-century modern style. Check out our distressed carpet article.

Well, there we have it, that’s how the other side live in London; in immaculate homes with recliners and tiny TVs, lots of books and terrible views. Next week we’ll tackle New York! Before you do a Harry Holt; why not check out some of our other articles gov’nor?

By James

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