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Check Out This Awesome Lighthouse Boat Living Space in London

Lightvessel 93, Victoria Dock, London

The above lighthouse ship has been renovated into a living space which you can purchase, that is, if you have a spare £700.000 then it’s all yours. The ships official name is Light Vessel 93. She’s an iconic former Trinity House lighthouse vessel – which has been lovingly restored into a crazy living space. These days she languishes in luxury in East London, in Victoria dock.

Location of Lightvessel 93

This house-ship boasts 6 bedrooms (four of which were former crew cabins) with crazy views of London town from the lighthouse tower. In total, the boat is 134 feet long, 25 feet wide at its widest point, and 45 feet high (which you can climb up to of course). It kind of reminds us of Deacon’s ship from Waterworld – hopefully it won’t explode… or flop.

'Waterworld' 4K Blu-ray Review: All At Sea

The philosophy behind the renovation of the ship was a deep love and respect for the heritage of the vessel. – which is another way of saying: we did it because it’s awesome. Uber Eats certainly won’t have trouble finding you.

Obviously the upkeep of a steel riveted ship would be insanely high we’re guessing. Just imagine the heating bill… However, if you’re a bond villain and you need a covert London base then it’s right here. Apparently there is ‘vast storage space throughout’ – I would have thought so! The partly furnished interior is a crash course in cool masculine decor inspiration. The furnishing which is already in the ship is congruent throughout, with wood and industrial inspired objects and a vintage, old school feel. What it lacks in wheel chair accessibility it certainly makes up for in being an amazingly unique and awesome living space. Not quite luxury, but definitely cool. Photos of every single room are hard to come by, but we’ve found most of them which are available, below.

Light Vessel 93 kitchen
Light Vessel 93 reception area with cool leather seating and book shelf

Light Vessel 93
Light Vessel 93 porthole windows
Light Vessel 93 interior stairs with wooden walls

Light Vessel 93 French copper bath

Light Vessel 93 interior hull
Light Vessel 93 former engine area
Light Vessel 93 exterior; Victoria Docks

Light Vessel 93 bow or port
Light Vessel 93 lighthouse top

Light Vessel 93 exterior

If you have a pointy face you can even do a photoshoot on the boat, like many London based photography shoots have done. Here’s a Bond girl on some ladder on the ship.

Image 10 of 15: Professional photo shoot Olga Kurylenko Light Vessel 93

Thanks for reading, if you want some more London luxury homes check out this article.

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