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Hulking Huge Plants For Your Apartment

In our other article we showed you 10 Really Hard to Kill Plants for Your Apartment, now we’ll show you some really big, really hard to kill plants for your home. Yes, we are that original here on Furnish Him. We can’t be showing you high maintenance plants which need a knowledge of PH and soils to take care of; these are some tough, shade tolerant plants.

A hulking plant for your living space is an accent piece like nothing man made you could buy; plants just have that caveman like effect on people (so do some posters I had on my wall growing up but lets not go there); they are enigmatic and interesting in their shapes and forms. Let’s dive in and explore some big plants for your home, apartment of ship.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Intro: The aptly names Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) is more commonly known as the swiss cheese plant – also rather aptly named! The swiss cheese plant is a hardy climber in the wilds of central America, however it’s strong and can stand up on it’s own, and easily thrive in indoor, temperate countries. However, some will give it something to climb on, like the bamboo cane below, allowing you to structure the plant upright. In the wild the plant can grow up to 20m. The leaves are large and glossy with a deep green tone and charismatic holey leaves.

Indoor Care: The key to understanding care to any plant is understanding it’s natural habitat. Lucky this plant is naturally tough so will take a botanical beating – hence why it can easily be grown and cared for in your home thousands of miles away from central American jungles. Being a climber, the cheese plant can tolerate shaded conditions, naturally growing in the shadow of a large tree. So place the cheese plant in a shaded area, but where it will receive some light, so in the corner by the window is sufficient.

Water once ever two weeks at least, don’t over water it. Let the soil dry between watering. Give it some occasional indoor plant fertiliser to give your cheese plant a boost; but it will probably be good without it. Occasionally give the leaves a spray with a mister too and you’ll have a happy cheese plant.

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Yucca Tree Plant

Intro: Yucca has a great jungle vibe look to it, with palm tree like features. Yuzza is a genus, with over 40 species – including Joshua trees – which mainly grow in the Americas, including, Mexico, the wild west and all the way up in Canada. These plants have adapted to be tolerant of low water levels, with thick waxy leaves to prevent water loss, and in some species their roots hold onto water like bowsers.

Indoor care: Ideally, place in part shade/part shade. Indirect light is better for leaf vibrancy apparently; but it will be fine in full sun. If you ever need to re-pot this plant some kind of sand-peaty mix of soil is best. Water occasionally, letting the soil dry between watering. This plant is used to droughty conditions so it should be fine if you forget to water it for ages.

Kentia Palm Tree

Intro: The Kentia palm tree or in Latin if you prefer, the Howea forsteriana, is a tree native to a small island of Australia. It can grow up to 10m in the wild. If you want to know how easy this plant is to care fore, well, in 1885 Britain, it was a hugely popular plant in the grand halls and houses of the wealthy giving rise to it’s nick name, the parlor plant. If it can thrive in miserably, cold Britain in the 1800s – then your apartment is a piece of cake for the Kentia Palm.

Indoor Care: Like me in my Dark Souls 2 playing days, this plant thrives in low light conditions. It’s best to place this palm in part shade. Give the palm some palm food or something during the summer, to give it some extra vim. Water periodically and let the soil dry completely between watering. Not to be confused with the Areca Palm, which is a more temperamental plant to grow in your home.

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