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Cool Male Living Space Inspiration: New York New York

Once again, our editors have scrolled enviously through at the most expensive luxury houses you can stay at; we have no affiliation with the site, and most people can’t afford the ridiculous prices for these places… However, some of the luxury houses are pretty good barometers for interesting and trendy decor styles you could add to your cool male living spaces, man caves and homes. In our last article we looked at some of the cool places you can stay in London, no we will have a look at some trendy New York houses and lofts, to see how much stylistic information we can gleam.

We’ll give a run-down of any particularly decor styles and tricks they have used in their luxury homes – so you can add them to your living space. If we spot an item we recognise then we’ll explain it in the descriptions; or if we sport one that you could buy (for a reasonable price!) then we may add an advert link in the description. These links may go to of (the blue links) where we may make some money on a qualifying purchase – hey, we have to make some money off this site! Anyway, lets have a look at New York and see how their cool living spaces differ from merry London’s….

#1 Hoffman Place

Hoffman House; Chelsea, Manhatten Living Room

Chelsea, Manhattan, $605 a night. Immediately you notice the black accent wall in this home design (Here’s 30 more awesome black accent walls for men from our previous article). As we expected from New York, it wasn’t hard to find a super fresh mid-century modern cool living room design. All of the features are there, the mid-mod swoopy wooden chairs, the leggy couch, the oval shaped coffee table. That spine bookshelf on the left is a Sapiens 14 shelf spine style bookshelf – which you can buy here on Amazon. All though, it is quite pricey for what it is, and it look as if it’s leaning up there in the photo…

Hoffman House; Chelsea, Manhatten Living Room

Here’s the view from the other side of the living room with a decent sized TV and a faux black cow rug, nice. Personally, we’d have a different colored couch, that one looks kind of dated. Maybe a grass green mid-mod couch or something, or even a black couch.

#2 Jane Street Townhouse

Town House in the West Village, Manhatten

Town House in the West Village, Manhatten
Town House in the West Village, Manhatten

This Town House in the West Village, Manhattan is a mere $2,800 a night – but there is enough for 10 people with 5 beds and 5 baths. Let’s be honest, this is way too much. You can’t really emulate this. Described as ”wood and velvet, marble and mirrors,”. This one is a little bit too ‘masculine’ in our opinion, and it violates our ‘too black’ rule we wrote about this week in our How not to Decorate Your Home article. But, if you wanted to add a touch of 19th century nouveau-riche to your living space, I guess following the black and gold theme, with old antiques chucked in, then you could go down that route.

#3 Water Loft

historic 19th-century building in Manhattan's financial heart

Occupying a sunlit eighth floor of an historic 19th-century building in Manhattan’s financial heart – this place is available for a humble $400 a night. Presumably there will be a few wall stock bros crying about their Big Shorts being wrecked by Redditors outside the window. The full floor, 2-bed, 2 bathroom penthouse – oozes cool male living space vibes. The exposed brick wall is there, the L-shaped leather couch, the… Swing? Imagine someone swinging right next to your TV, how irritating. It’s almost as if whom ever designed this cool apartment had read our stairway to heaven article; where we advised placing two ladder bookcases beside your television.

#4 Jones Street Townhouse

3/41 - Third level - Master bedroom, Jones Street Townhouse, New York

This fresh town house in the West Village, Manhattan has 4 bedrooms. This is one of the master bedrooms. We really like that TV unit/bookcase. The ladder is an over-the top but awesome addition to the bookshelf unit. And, to the left of the TV unit is the, obligatory, giant leaning mirror. We do feel like it’s a bit of a shame to have such a lacklustre carpet though… And where the hell is the wall art?

This townhouse also has an awesome little balcony, which looks like a veritable forest within the surrounding concrete jungle. How many people can shade underneath a tree in central New York?

#5 Astor Place

Around 650 a night, this in Noho Manhattan place has a cool industrial look with the metal infrastructure of the place present throughout. Wholly eyeballs Batman, that is a BIG TV! We grabbed the top image for the cool coffee table design, we like the low flat style of it; all thought the carpet it sits on is a bit basic – we’d much rather have a distressed style carpet for our cool male living space.

#6 Bishops Loft

This loft in Tribeca, Manhattan, is available for around 700 a night. We are liking the substantial thick oaken floating shelves, with maximalist decor packed into it. Those plants look lik an arrangement of snake plant, kentia palm and a spider plant with others, nice combo. And of course, we have a table tennis table in the mancave, nice.

#7 South Oxford Street

For around $400 a night, this Brooklyn home has a more outdoorsy, rustic vibe than you would expect from the big apple. That big house plant looks like some kind of dragon plant, or maybe a Yucca variety of plant. Lots of wood and brown leather. Thumbs up from us. We do think it could be improved with the use of a distressed carpet, however. This will work together with the white walls.

#7 Stuyvesant Square Loft

Another super fresh and mid-mod styled living space, with a blue and red complimentary color scheme between the carpet and couch. Again, this would benefit from a distressed carpet in our opinion.

Hopefully that provided you with some cool New York inspired modern decor for men. So how did New York compare to our high-class London places we looked at last week? Well for starters New York has bigger TVs! And New York also has a more effortlessly cool kind of appeal in their living spaces – with the industrial chic coming into play in many of them; all though most of them were also ruthlessly mid-century modern – this is probably because it has mass appeal at the moment. The London ones, in our opinion, were a bit more try-hard. But then again America did invent cool.

Thanks for reading, check out some of our other articles, below.

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