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Modern Cube Bookcases For a Small Apartment

Cube storage space goes by many names, cubby shelves, cube shelves and cube bookshelves; ad nauseum; they are an increasingly popular item of furniture due to their utility and customization. You can add your record collection to one cube, some books to another block, an ornament in a different block blah blah. I’ve noticed that they have become popular with podcasters in their videos, they use cube shelves as a backdrop to their set – and place items within them which represent their show. Most of us are probably familiar with the iconic Ikea Kallax shelving unit, however, in this article we will focus on the smaller cube shelf units you can use if you live in a smaller apartment.

#1 Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet 4-Cube Organizer

Better Homes and Gardens.. Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet 4-Cube Organizer (4-Cube, Weathered)

Better Homes and Gardens’ chunky 4-cube bookcase can hold 30lbs per cell. In other words, 54 copies of Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer – which we reviewed in this article about books for men! That was a pretty slick link I think you’ll agree… no? Ok back to the bookcase. There are some glowing reviews for this wooden unit – which consequentially compare this bookcase favourably to the Ikea Kallax shelving.

This four cube bookcase comes in a variety of different wood grains. It is a chunky and strong piece of furniture; you can even place your TV on it for a makeshift TV unit. It can hold up to 100lbs on the top – which is enough to hold an 85 inch TV!

Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet 4-Cube Organizer

#2 Wire Storage Cubes

These wire cube units are extremely useful for a small living room or bedroom due to having utility. They would also be in-keeping with an industrial modern styled décor.

Hang stuff on it, tie stuff to it, place things on the shelves, store things in the baskets which you can buy to put in the shelves. The opportunities are endless! Well, not endless but there are a fair few things you can do.

#3 Homeries Modular Cube Storage System

Homeries Modular Cube Storage System

This modular cube storage space can be modulated – obviously – to fit your living space. Need a storage cube bookshelf for under your stairs? Just construct it at an angle. If you wanted it to look less basic – you can buy the additional baskets, as below, to give it some character.

Homeries Modular Cube Storage System with baskets
Homeries Modular Cubes next to mini fridge

#4 9 Cube Office Bookshelf

Cube Office Bookshelf

These cubby shelves would be useful for a home office, or home office working corner. This cube shelf unit would be better for general storage rather than as a cube bookshelf. Maybe it is a bit bland for some, however, with it’s utilitarian grey look, it would be ideal for a working space.

#5 Sauder Beginnings 9-Cubby Storage Organizer

Sauder Beginnings 9-Cubby Storage Organizer

The above, from Sauder Store, comes with a whopping 5 year warranty. An ideal small bookcase and cube storage unit for a small apartment. Double it up as a TV unit and you will save on having to shell out for a dedicated TV unit.

Sauder Beginnings 9-Cubby Storage Organizer with TV

#6 Mid-Century Modern Cube Bookshelf

Small Mid-Century Modern Cube Bookshelf

Described as the Modway Transmit Mid-Century Offset Cube Wood Bookcase in Walnut – that’s a bit of a mouthful. With the classic mid-mod legs and a quirky asymmetrical mid-section you can see the mid-century modern style coming through. Here is the shelf in action.

Mid-Century Modern Cube Bookshelf with books

This cube shelf boasts the Amazon’s Choice signature, a sign of trust and quality. It’s a solid build and an easy win for a mid-mod apartment.

#7 Benjara Wooden 6 Cubes

Medium sized Mid-Century Modern Cube Bookshelf

Another, slightly larger mid-century modern style cube bookcase. Featuring spacious storage, with 6 open compartments, it is supported on hairpin legs – in the classical mid-mod style. This a great small to medium sized cube bookshelf for a smaller apartment.

Thanks for reading, check out some of our other articles, below.

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