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Dining Area Ideas For a Studio Apartment

In this article we have some tips and inspiration for small dining area ideas if you live in a studio apartment. The below images will also help you to learn new ways on how to arrange furniture in living room dining room combo – all though it really depends on you room layout. In general, placing the dining sett behind your couch, or in a corner works well if your living room and dining room are combined.

You will notice from the below mood board that a lot of the small dining area ideas typically consist of a small round table; this is a modern small dining area idea which is currently in vogue. However, dining room furniture for a studio apartment doesn’t just have to be small and round – so we have some cool ideas on square dining tables for your studio apartment. Check out our below mood board and design styles for how to fit a dining table in a small living room.

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Mid Century

Classic mid mod dining tables are a lot like skinny jeans, they are… er, skinny. Not sure where I was going with that analogy; but the above examples should give you an idea. The current trend for dining tables in the mid century style are thin black metal legs or a central pillar.

Lets try another analogy, mid mod dining tables are skinny, leggy, metallic and wooden. Like a super model wearing a suit of armour. Much better. Match with a fresh mid-mod living room with lots of leggy furniture.

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Velvet Underground

If you studied something useful at college, like coding… (god I wish I studied coding) then you may be able to afford some nice velvet dining chairs. Pair with a glass round table for added fanciness. Pair with a large glass windows for double double fanciness.

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Summer Time Rustic

We just made up the genre, summer time rustic, but it is just a just a park bench look, essentially. These are a really cool and modern look. These benches are great if you want a dining table and an general activity table. If you’re wondering what that bookshelf is in the top left corner – that is a Sapiens floating shelf; and it is ridiculously expensive.

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The Scandi style is still mid-century modern, expect with wood. That’s the definition we’re using in this article anyway! There are some good examples of using dining area rugs in the above. There is no really science to it; it will help to zone off the dining area, all though having a wooden floor underneath would be preferable if you drop food or drink on it.

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