Awesome Outdoor Tiki Bar Ideas

With the summer veering around the corner and the prospect of punitive mask-measures at actual bars, we thought we’d provide a fun alternative for you to enjoy the summer with your friends at your very own garden tiki bar. No Karen’s with tape measures telling you to stand 2m away, no skinny bartenders asking if you have had a cough in the last 2 weeks, just pure bamboo, alcohol, good times, blow up flamingo’s and coconut bra’s – you may not want to wear one if you’re a guy though…

According to a quick google search of the history of tiki bar’s they are: an idealised and romanticised concept of island cultures, usually Polynesia. So by today’s standard it’s probably considered to be some kind of evil cultural appropriation; well to that, we say, all cultures like alcohol and beaches. Disclosure, we may receive a share of any profits on items purchased through the links in this article which go to Amazon and Walmart.

Before we have a look at some gear for our outdoor tiki bar, peruse our mood board, below, for some inspiration on how we might want to design our outdoor tiki bar.

Here are some complete outdoor tiki bar sets which you can purchase today! Ready to get set up for the summer. We’ll have a look at a budget one and then a more premium outdoor bar sett; then we’ll peruse some cheap decor to adorn your outdoor bar with – all in time for the summer.

Budget Tiki Bar Set

Tiki Bar Roof

This budget set contains only the tiki hut structure, thatched roof and garland – not the bottom half (which is below). It’s weather resistant and easy to put together. You could use it outside or inside the house. Have a scroll through the photos and check out what it looks like in some of the customer photos through the link.

Hawaiian Luau Wrap Around Table Skirt

Pair with this nice wooden budget semi-circle round table from Amazon for your main bar area and you have yourself a budget tiki bar set up.

Upmarket Tiki Bar Sett

 Piece Outdoor Mesh Cloth Canopy Bar Set

Okay so this bar is so premium that it’s not really a tiki bar. However it also kind of does look like one – it certainly would with the added tiki accessories. It has the benefit of being made of high quality material – steel, ceramic, mesh, and glass. The kit comes with a bar, 2 stools, and canopy.

Tiki Bar Accessories

Okay, so you’ve picked a tiki bar, but it looks bare, it’s more like a tiki bare right now. Add some of the tiki bar garden accessories, below, to flesh it out a bit.

Hawaiian Luau Party Supplies

36 Hawaiian lei necklaces. Not much to write about here, a wreath garland of flowers in Hawaiian culture is a symbol of affection upon entering or leaving a party. In Northern American culture it is a symbol of intoxicated adults wearing badly fitting shirts that would make Quagmire blush.

Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamboo Torches

4 pack of 57-inch (that’s almost a Danny DeVito) Luau bamboo torches – remember to get some fuel for the torches. Errm, some of the reviews mention the torches catching fire, so pour the fuel in gently and make sure it’s sealed!

Incredibly Distasteful Sign

Yes, that should clear out the easily offended from your party! Perfect time to break out the Trump impression and tequila shots. And here’s a few more nasty, but fun, (often single use plastics) to decorate your tiki bar with…

50 Umbrella Parasol Drinking Straws, Hawaiian Beach Cocktail Luau

Tropical Hawaiian Toucan Parrot Honeycomb Hanging Decorations

Aloha Party Decoration Aloha banner Sign Luau Hawaiian Party Decoration Set

Thanks for reading, check out some of our other articles.

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