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Bookshelves To Place Around Your TV – Men

If you wanted to maximalize the space around your television, whilst sill keeping in with the mid-century modern style, then consider a bookshelf surround for your television. This method is a great way to maximalize vertical space in your apartment and add extra strorage to an area that would otherwise be wasted space.

Disclosure; the links in this article will go to our affiliates – whereby we may receive affiliate money of anything ordered through the links – so feel free to buy a Lambo.

#1 Tribesigns 9 Shelves Bookshelves

This L-shape Tribesigns shelving unit in black metal and wood is an ideal TV stand; as well as a shelf. Place your TV on just one unit, or if you have enough wall space then place two shelving units together, as below.

Here’s some photos of the bookshelf in action.

#2 Vasagle Ladder Shelf

With nearly 2000 reviews and a four and half star rating you can be sure that you are in safe hands with this shelving unit. Place two beside your TV for some extra storage and a fresh mid-mod look. Ideal if your TV is abutting a large wall and you need s something to fill out the wall with. The wooden shelves are constructed from particle board; but have a nice vintage/rustic wood finish for a natural aesthetic – without a big price tag. The main frame is constructed of steel.

Or try doubling up two different kinds of Vasagle shelves for some impactful a-symmetry; which adds character and intrigue to a room.

Stepping It Up In Style: 50 Ladder Shelves And Display Ideas

#3 Tribesigns 2 Pack Bookshelf Bookcase

Two storage shelves, you can place it in a row or separately each side on your TV stand table (see below for table). The shelf is constructed of particle board with a nice rustic dark wood finish and a steel frame. Ideal if you like your symmetry and neatness. Load it up with books and ornaments to keep your living space tidy. Listed as a mid-century modern style, however it’s really more like industrial-modern. Each shelf measures 12.99″ high and can hold 35lbs/15kg – per shelf- more than enough for some sweet Greek hero statues.

For the full effect, use the below coffee table by Vasagle to place your TV on.

Vasagle Industrial Coffee Table

By James

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