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Tommy D Approves: Top 5 Bar Sets For The Summer

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Tommy D

Want to be everyone’s favourite person this summer? Look no further! As things begin to open up again and we’re (finally) allowed to have people visit our houses, many people are looking for ways to make this first summer back extra-special. Cocktails are a great way of bringing everyone together to experience new things, you can quickly and easily impress your friends by learning a few simple recipes.

However, without a quality cocktail set it’s going to be impossible to produce anything that people are going to want to drink! Not to worry though, your buddy Tom has got your back with my top 5 picks for the post-covid shenanigans of the summer of 21. Disclosure; the links in this article will go to our affiliates – whereby we may receive affiliate money of anything ordered through the link (Hey, Tom doesn’t work for free!).

24-Piece Cocktail Shaker Bartender Kit with Stand

We’ll start with the big boys! This cocktail set is perfect for the larger home bar, it features three pourers, three stoppers, a 24 oz Martini Shaker, Mixing Spoon, Muddler, Measuring Jigger, Lemon Squeeze, Tongs and Corkscrew/bottle opener, and is over $20 cheaper than other competitive brands!

Another strong pro about this set is that it comes with a black felt bag so that your fingers don’t get cold when you’re shaking the shaker. Many others don’t feature this and I would highly recommend it if you’re planning on making multiple cocktails.

VOIMO 22 Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

This is a slightly more expensive option, but features a cool and sleek design for the more discerning customer. This has a higher quality production value and looks great too.

The VIMO set is a compact option that will look great on your home bar and won’t take up too much room, which means more space for ingredients, and of course, the most important thing, booze!

The shaker on this product is sturdy and made of decent stuff, so you know it will last, and the swiveling carousel means you can make good use of space, while still being able to access every part of the set.

Mixology Bartender Kit

Here we have the upper range of budget for your home bar. The Mixology Bartender kit features a patented mahogany base and stylish and unique copper utensils.

This set will make the perfect centrepiece for any home bar and is sure to impress your guests with its high quality and well made design.

X-cosrack Bartender Kit

The X-cosrack has an interesting and unique look. This set would be perfect for anyone looking to add interest and a personal flair to their home bar (or maybe for someone with an interest in the old-timey West!).

It’s an interesting design and a perfect conversation-starter. The little wheels actually function, allowing it to be rolled for convenience.

MAUMUAO Cocktail Shaker Set

This budget Cocktail set is perfect for a beginner or someone who is just looking to try out cocktail making. It contains everything you’ll need to make basic cocktails and won’t cost the earth! If you’re a student or someone with a tight budget the Maumuao is a perfect fit.

That’s all folks! I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and wish you all the best with your future cocktail making endeavors.

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