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8 Awesome Arc Floor Lamps For Male Living Spaces

These arc lamps are ideal for a small apartment – you may not think buying a large lamp would be good for a small apartment – but the idea behind them is you can tuck them behind your couch or reading corner; this creates a large accent piece of decor in your home without wasting much space. Take my arc lamp whilst furnishing a new place, below. We managed to tuck it between the wall and couch (remember by pulling your couch away from the wall you make a room appear larger – as we discussed in our ‘how to decorate an open plan apartment’).

These lamps create a pleasant upwards and downwards lighting. Personally, in the evening I just have the arc lamp on as it puts out enough warm lighting to see, and act as a pleasant evening light. Arc lamps are currently in vogue, especially in newer homes decorated in a mid-century modern style – which accentuated curves – supposedly mimicking nature.

#1 Brightech Logan – Contemporary Arc Floor

Brightech Logan Indoor Arc Lamp

The first arc lamp up is a pretty safe bet, lots of reviews and most of them positive, and at an affordable price. The arc lamp comes in an antique brass or classis black finish.

The Brightech Logan indoor pole lamp includes a 9.5 Watt, 800 lumen power saving LED bulb which has a whopping 20,000 hour battery life. The bulb is a 3,000K warm white light – find out what the hell that means in our informative light article here.

#2 Brightech Sparq

Brightech Sparq Arc Lamp

The Sparq by Brightech is an interesting alternative to the traditional arc floor lamp; they add a more modern space age type feel to your place – all whilst maintaining a mid-century modern aesthetic. Built with three way dimming, this light is a 3,000K warm white color temperature with 2,000 lumens. The bulb is built in and lasts for up to 20 years of continuous use apparently. It comes in two colors, classic black or platinum silver. Perfect for a modern/techy style apartment or cool male living space.

#3 Versanora Arquer

We’re getting into more of a retro vibe now with the Arquer, by Versanora. This arc lamp comes in two color variations including nickle with a white marble base or the classic matt black, as above. The bell shade provides good downward lighting for mood lighting or reading and working.

#4 Brush Steel Arc Lamp

This six feet tall mood lighting arc lamp with a black shade from SH Lighting comes with a heavy marble base, to ensure it stays in place. This lamp would suit a living room that is perhaps too white, to provide some contrast; or to match the couch if you have a black couch, for example. The black shade makes the mood lighting extra cool; as you can see below. Provide lighting for your dining area or reading corner, or place behind your couch for a cool trendy feature.

#5 Kira Home Akira

Arc lamp lighting levels

This multi-directional floor lamp, with woven burlap shades, by Kira Home allows for three different light levels. This lamp is in an Asian style, perfect for a living room with a bohemian vibe. This would be ideal for placing in a corner as in the below photos. You can light up one, two or all three of the lights at once to vary the light levels. The lights have nearly 800 reviews and a 4.5 stars out of 5.

#6 Major Q Towering Arc Lamp

Major Q’s comes in four different color styles and has quite a bright light, so would be ideal for a place that needs more light, as opposed to use for mood lighting. Made from solid metal, this arc lamp is ideal if you’re decorating your apartment on a budget. The base is made from a large marble slab, ensuring that it won’t fall down – which is unlikely anyway if you are placing it behind your couch in your living room.

cool arc lamp

#7 Safavieh Polaris Arc Floor Lamp

Polaris Arc Floor Lamp

The Polaris Arc Floor Lamp by Safavieh is more of a premium arc lamp compared the the ones we’ve covered so far on the list; and it comes with a premium price tag. As you can see, the arc lamp leans over quite far for an emphatic statement. Constructed of a marble and antique brass finish with an off-white cotton lamp shade. Create a cool vista within you living space, as above, with the lamp arching over the chair. This would be an ideal accent light for a larger living room.

#8 Adesso Maui Arc Lamp

We’re getting really fancy now, this is another statement arc lamp in an Asian style. This arc lamp would suit a rustic themed apartment or home, or even a place with some industrial urban decor pieces. The lamp comes with Amazon’s choice stick, ensuring quality and showing it’s popularity. The price is quite low for how fancy the lamp looks. You can add different light-bulb colors per shade for an additional effect, as below.

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