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Top 7 Bistro Sets for Men

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Tommy D

Rejoice, summer is finally here! And with it comes the perfect opportunity to share outside drinks with your buddies, or relax solo with an ice cold brew!

But what’s that I hear you say? You don’t own any outside seating? It’s no good having your guests sit on the floor when there’s food to be served and fun to be had!

No worries, you’re good mate Tom is here to set you right, I’ve got the 7 perfect bistro sets for the modern American man on a budget.

Disclosure; the links in this article will go to our affiliates – whereby we may receive affiliate money of anything ordered through the links – so feel free to buy a helicopter.

Leasbar Outdoor Chairs Bistro Set

Here we have a super simple, comfortable bistro set that you could happily sit on for hours on end with a friend, enjoying a couple of ice cold brews of a summer evening.

The synthetic cross-weaved style keeps the set lightweight but super comfortable and durable, and the simple black design with a choice of coloured cushions means it will fit in with any style or vibe you are trying to create.

This set does require some simple set up (as will any brand new bistro set of this kind) but once you have it set up you will have the perfect seating to host parties and gatherings to your heart’s content!

Alpine Corporation MSY100A-BL Chairs Patio Seating

This is the perfect option for those looking for something simple and on a tight budget. It’s small, lightweight and folds away easily, so if you’ve got a courtyard with limited space you’d like to fill, without it clogging up when you’re not using it, this is the perfect option!

The vibrant and bright colour options are a big selling point, you can add a splash of individuality and class to what might otherwise be a drab space, or help add the the vibrancy of your carefully curated yard or garden!

U/D Patio Bistro Table Set

This stylish bistro set is perfect for anyone wishing to add something really special to their outdoor area without breaking the bank! The cast aluminum is durable and rust resistant while being sturdy and heavy enough not to blow over in the wind.

The rose cushions are incredibly stylish and off-set the white of the chairs themselves with simple elegance. It’s a piece that puts me in mind of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland! It’s easy to set up straight out of the box with little to no assembly required and would look perfect as a simple corner piece or centre accent.

Sit on this set while enjoying a coffee in the morning or with a book in the afternoon. The only down-side is that, being cast metal it is, though durable, not particularly comfortable for long sitting sessions.

Furinno FG17488 Tioman Outdoor Hardwood Patio Furniture Jack and Jill Chair Set

This beautiful and natural hardwood bistro set has a simple elegance and style which you’d be hard pressed to find in other similar sets of this price range.

The classic building material of wood is always a good choice for durability and endurance. It’s tried and tested, and you know that the many years of battering by the elements can be easily refurbished with a simple lick of paint or a powerwash.

The set’s design features a small table placed between two chairs and requires some simple assembly.

Please bear in mind that the two chairs are attached to the table and so won’t be able to be moved, this will require a certain amount of space, so read the dimensions on the website carefully!

Vesso 3-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

This beautiful and modern bistro set comes right at the top of our suggested budget for the top 7 bistro sets of 2021!

The table features a stylish tempered glass top and chairs that are made from hand-woven and high-quality durable PE rattan wicker. The set is strong, but also lightweight!

The chairs are wide and deep and have very soft padded seat cushions, making them the perfect choice for comfort. This set is great for if you are planning to spend extended periods sitting on the furniture.

They are made with a sturdy steel frame and come with a years warranty, so you know the build quality must be good!

LOKATSE HOME 3-Piece Wicker Outdoor Conversation Bistro Set

This unique and stylish Bistro set is perfect for anyone looking to add an element of originality to the classic bistro look.

The set comes with a unique and lightweight table that, although smaller than other bistro sets, will accent the set perfectly. The tasteful folding legs and wooden top will look great in any garden or patio area!

The set is made with quality PE wicker that is fade-resistant and UV protected. They also feature thick and sturdy cushions, as well as a curved and high backrest for ultimate comfort.

2 Piece Swivel Bar Stools

Finally, let’s take a look at an alternative option which, while not technically being a bistro set, might fit the bill more neatly than a couple of chairs and a table!

These 2 piece swivel bar stools are a great option for someone looking to create a more energetic and dynamic space. Perhaps a garden or patio area that is designed for casual drinks with friends before going out to the bar or a club?

These bar stools are not only super comfortable but actually swivel 360 degrees! Allowing you to continue conversations with multiple friends.

Thanks for reading, check out some more of articles on FurnishHim, below!

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