Awesome Beanbag Reading Nook Ideas

You could buy some fancy occasional chair, an Eames recliner, or the Iron Throne; but sometimes, for whatever reason, a cost-effective beanbag thrown in a corner hits the spot. Bean bags are super comfy as we know, and they can add a bohemian chic to your living space.

We’ve compiled an eclectic mix of beanbag reading corners below for some inspiration for your own place. You could even place your beanbag out on your balcony. Beanbags may seem somewhat juvenile, however, they are more versatile (and probably more comfortable) than a typical accent chair. A large beanbag is perfect for a small apartment as you can easily throw it to a new corner when friends are visiting.

Disclosure; some links at the end of the article will go to our affiliate, Amazon, from which any products purchased through the links may mean we get a cut of any profits from items purchases; so please consider buying some priceless artwork…

Well there we have it; you can still create a cool reading corner using just beanbags. All you need is a giant bean bag, a modern rug, a large plant and some kind of floor lamp. So, with that it mind, let’s take a look at our buy the look option we’ve masterfully photoshopped together so you can get your own bean bag reading corner…

Buy the look

I don’t think calling a beanbag a ‘chill sack’ will ever catch on but we hope you got some good bean bag reading corner inspiration.

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