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50 Driftwood Inspired Living Spaces For Men

Maybe you have just moved to the coast, have invested in a beach hut or need some beach themed décor for your man cave. Or perhaps you just want to add some cool driftwood style furniture to your living room, bedroom, hallway, porch or bathroom to give it some character.

We have combed the web for some inspirational décor designs which have driftwood themed items. The following furniture and accent décor items will add a natural and beach-like vibe to your home. But, you don’t need to have a completely beach themed place; driftwood furniture and décor items can be added to any kind of living space, from mid-century modern to art décor, you can add any of these following items to them and still remain in-keeping with the dominant style of your place.

To get you started with our drift wood theme article, I bought some drift wood from Amazon (which is an outrageous purchase for something that can literally be found on the floor) and decided to glue, hammer, swear and mould myself my very own driftwood décor item, see below my DIY drift wood décor. The best thing about DIYing your own driftwood décor is that if it looks a bit rough around the edges, well it’s supposed too…. It’s rustic.

I thought about making a DIY driftwood candle holder, but then I realised how embarrassing it would be explaining to the firefighters how the house burned down and reconsidered; So, I made an ambiguous decor / photo holder.

The process was simple: 1, buy some wood from Amazon; 2, saw off a base from some old pallet I found; 3, sand up the edges so it doesn’t scratch you; 4, drill some holes suitable for the driftwood to be wedges into; 5, sand it up again and if you’re feeling fancy give it some wood stain; 6, get some superglue and dab it in the holes and wedge the drift wood in it; then finally jam some paperclips into the natural cracks in the wood to peg photos too, voila!

How to make a basic driftwood ornament

Well there you go, that turned out okay, a nice natural driftwood looking décor piece for your home for less than $10.

Alright, now that you are inspired by my wonderful wooden creation lets take a look at some, er, more professional driftwood styled décor. We’ve compiled an assortment of everything from rustic teak root bar chairs (a lot of teak wood seems to be within the ocean it seems…), to driftwood Iron Thrones. There are décor pieces to suit all styles of apartment, whether it’s a smaller apartment or a larger living room, a man cave, shed, bedroom or whatever.

giant washed up tree
Giant ass tree washed up on shore . Probably wouldn’t fit in most living rooms.

Hopefully this has inspired you to grab some of your own driftwood next time you are at the beach or to find some unique driftwood décor pieces for your home; check out some of our other articles, below.

By James

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