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14 Mattress on Floor Bedroom Ideas For Men – That Don’t Look Bad

In our previous article Men, Do You Really Need a Bed Frame? – FURNISH HIM we discussed, well, if men really need a bedframe. And to be honest, we did shred the no bed frame philosophy, going to far as to say that it is ‘boring and doltish, utilitarian, ideology…’. BUT to be devil’s advocate lets do a counter article to this, this article will take a look at mattress on the floor done right. Maybe you have just moved in and haven’t arranged for a bed frame to be delivered yet, or maybe you are into minimalism – well here we will look at some ways on how to style your frameless mattress in your apartment or home.

Throughout the article we’ll cover some great tips you need to use if you want to pull of the floor mattress look. As a gauge, we’ll use the age old criticism of guys who have their mattress on the floor – which is ‘it looks like a drugs den’. We’ll rank our rooms based on that metric, so here goes:

Moody black, sophisticated bedroom with mattress on floor.

Moody black, sophisticated bedroom with mattress on floor. See, not all mattress on floor bedroom ideas for men need to look like a crack den. One good trick here is – other than the very stylish bedroom in general (that always helps) – is the wooden headboard wood at the back; which frames the bed within the room. The symmetry of the lamps and rug is also a nice touch.

Mid-mod mattress on floor

Looks like there’s some kind of floor protector beneath the mattress, but it is practically on the ground. This one feels refreshing and very modern with the giant ass leaning mirror and scandi mid-century modern side table. Ah, there’s even a big cheese plant in the mirror, it’s as if they’ve read our site. This above bedroom is somewhat womanish, however, chuck some black and grey duvets on there and an Iron Maiden poster and you’ve got yourself a mattress on floor room to be proud of.

Master bedroom with no bedframe

Master bedroom with no bedframe? This looks like some kind of promo, but still the floor mattress works nicely in this large room. Color matching the room is a great way of conveying that you are in control of the room – to avoid looking like you have just put a mattress on the floor because you are disorganised.

Autumnal bedroom with mattress on floor

This neat and tidy floor mattress avoids the lazy, meth-den look by being clean and neatly made with a load of fancy autumnal-matched pillows which work with the rest of the room. Another great tip is to keep adjacent furniture that is also low down by the bed, so it doesn’t look out of place.

Minimalist white floor mattress bedroom

Alright, we’re getting a bit lax here with this one – this mattress on the floor is dangerously close to being meth-den like; however, somehow manages to avoid looking too scrubby. The bolster pillow adds class that, would probably, be absent from a drugs den,

Studio apartment with mattress on floor

Messy mattress on floor bedroom style in a trendy studio apartment. This one looks messy but it is nicely framed with the reading chair, cheese plant and bedside lamp giving the area a distinct bedroom feel, despite being in an open apartment.

Minimalist bedroom

Minimalist bedroom. Making your bedroom minimalist is another good way of making sure that it looks like you wanted your mattress to be on the floor, rather than it looking lazy. Obviously it’s hard to achieve with all the crap people accumulate; but this could work if you’ve just moved into a new apartment. Adding the carpet adds a good element to a frameless mattress room too.

Bohemian bedroom floor mattress

Bohemian bedroom floor mattress with oldy style rug. Maybe you could accuse someone of being a druggie if they had this bedroom in the 60s, but now this is just cool retro décor. The little plants, the rug, fairy lights and large leaning mirror all lend themselves to the mattress on floor style – meaning it won’t look out of place and lazy.

mid-mod bedroom with floor mattress

Adding a nice accent piece beside your bed can draw attention from the fact that your mattress is on the floor. A lonely floor mattress in a bedroom gives off bad vibes! But with the nice plant arrangement and clean white walls with a tasteful throw, you can achieve a contemporary mid-mid bedroom.

Check out our article on awesome throws: 15 Awesome Throws For a Man’s Apartment – FURNISH HIM

bohemian bedroom with mattress on floor

Super bohemian bedroom with mattress on floor. Again, this one works within the context of the clear bohemian vibes. This is a good example of maximalist decor styling – which you can read about here: Forget Minimalism, Embrace Maximalism Decor For Men in 2021 – FURNISH HIM

Cool bedroom floor mattress

Putting a thin lining under your floor mattress will make it look neater and intentional. The grey, white and black neutral color palette gives the bedroom a calm feel and the carpet is well aligned with the bed. But does this make it a low laying bedframe?? Mattress on the floor purists may claim, but none the less, this is a floor mattress bedroom for men done right. Also, cool dog.

Fresh and trendy mid-mod mattress on floor

Fresh and trendy mid-mod mattress on floor. In fact, that’s barely even a mattress; some like these kind of mattresses for medical/back pain related reasons. Non the less, notice how it is in-fitting with the surrounding scadi-decor and also note the floating, low laying desks opposite the bed.

Awesome floor mattress cool male bedroom

The low down bedside table, matches the height of the bed; there’s also some nice symmetry with the hanging lamps always add some charm and sophistication to any bedroom, we constantly preach this here on FurnishHim. The picture above the bed act as a kind of faux headboard, framing the bed so it looks intentional that the mattress on the floor was placed there.

sophisticated floor mattress

Boom! Okay we’ll end with this article with a non-floor mattress, as we’ll eventually very neatly segue into an article about low laying bedframes HERE. It is definitely a better look than a floor mattress in our opinion – it just looks more sophisticated, whilst still giving you the benefits of being close to the ground – whatever they are.

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