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30 Under Stairs Reading Nooks

Alright you animals of the rock and roll zoo (wow, I’m getting lazy with these blog intros – drop a comment if you get that reference though) lets dig into some cozy reading nook ideas for men. If you are lucky enough to have an under stairs area that you don’t need for storage space, then, why not consider converting it into a reading area. An understairs reading space would make a mature and unique area of your home – also, of course, you can use it for reading… Obviously. So, how do you make an understairs reading corner? Well, by the looks of some of the below, you may need some handy carpentry skills, however, some just require some good measuring of the items you want to place under the stairs.

Once you’ve done with this article, remember to check out our awesome book review articles, aimed specifically at men. Stay winning. We have talked about masculine reading corners before here: 20 Masculine Reading Corner Ideas – FURNISH HIM, now we will talk about masculine under stair corners. We are inventive like that aren’t we? Okay so, for some more awesome and amazing reading corner ideas for under your stairs check out our inspiration board below for the ultimate reading spot!

Assortment of the Best Under stair Reading Corners

Ooo blue and green analogous color scheme anyone? For added awesomeness in your understair reading corner give it a color scheme such as the above blue beanbag with green plants. The on on the left there has a nice throw too (15 Awesome Throws For a Man’s Apartment – FURNISH HIM). Scroll up and check out some of the accent walls too, like that orange accent wall – or polkadot accent wall. In fact, even if you don’t have a stairway reading corner, adding an accent wall under your stairs is a cool idea. The above shows that you don’t just need to be a carpentry wizard to knock up a cool understair seating area – it could be as easy as putting a beanbag reading corner under the stairs, with a few plants and throws/pillows (did somebody say beanbag reading corner?).

These mature, reading nook for adults are the perfect way to wind down in an evening, especially if you want ways to cut down on your phone staring, doom scrolling, radio wave absorbing Netflix and chilling. Lets have a look at some more basic, easy to do reading corner nooks for under your stairs that don’t involve a Jesus-like skill for wood work.

Easy to do Under Stair Reading Corners

The best reading nooks for adults don’t have to be too fancy, it can be as easy as placing a chair under the stairs or a chaise lounge, or DIY pallet box. Place it by a cool side table or an accent plant (real or fake) and chuck over a cool throw to add extra character.

Over the top under stairs reading corner

All right, lets have a look at some crazy understairs reading corners to lust over. Maybe we’ve played fast and loose with the definition of reading corner here, I mean, the bed under the stairs could be a reading corner; but, the zen garden and under stairs pond with koi carp probably won’t see much reading… Unless you placed a chair in the water I guess…

Well, there you go, we hope you got some great ideas for the best reading nooks, inventive reading corner ideas for men and other long tail key words I can’t bebothered to write. Please check out some of our other articles below if you’re furnishing a new apartment and want some décor inspiration.

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