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How to Give My Apartment Character? Use Asymmetry

Why was Duke impressed with Rocky when he saw him pound the meat? - Quora

Whether your a single man who needs some home decorating ideas, or you are wondering ‘how to furnish my small apartment?’ – we give you a bombshell realisation in this article: Asymmetry is characterful and cool, kind of like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. So, for some of the best asymmetrical interior design examples, we have you covered.

‘The ugly can be beautiful. The pretty, never.’ – Oscar Wilde

Okay, while Oscar wasn’t specifically talking about décor ideas for men, the phrase still stands – asymmetry can add an intrigue and uniqueness to your apart or home or man cave, your bachelor pad or bedroom; or, whatever other keywords I need to stuff in here to Google actually ranks this page in the top 1 million pages. We’re not saying that you should turn your apartment into a fun house, but some liberal usage of asymmetry can turn your living space from average to r/malelivingspace. Disclosure: some links in this article will go to our affiliates where we may receive a percentage of any products purchased – so please consider getting a Cessna.

Asymmetrical Bookshelf

A bookcase is a mens apartment essential; especially in a time where people would rather scroll endlessly on some godawful social media platform instead of learning something useful and substantial. We’ve gathered some cool, asymmetrical, mens bookcases to place in your home, apartment or library corner. Here are some masculine bookshelf decor ideas and then some examples of ones to get right now. Oh, also if you don’t have enough books (YET) then I believe we are obliged to link you to our awesome mens book articles (here and here, for example) and our mens shelf decor articles: such as THIS one.

As you can see, these above bookshelves look much cooler than the standard shelves. They will add an accent piece of furniture to your home, instead of purely being a utilitarian device.

One of the best bookshelves you can get for a modern apartment, worthy of r/malelivingspace would be the tree book case, above – which you’ll notice has a subtle mid-century modern, asymmetrical, appeal we’ve been banging on about.

For more awesome suggestions of best bookcases or bookshelves for your apartment – check out our article for some of the best bookcases for your home library – 10 Cool Bookcases For Your Male Living Space – FURNISH HIM

Wall Space

Most people probably don’t make an effort to create perfect symmetry or asymmetry on their wall, or accent wall, or gallery wall; however, with bit of thinking you can create a powerful look, such as the above – whereby the symmetry of the identical paintings is slightly shunted. It just looks a big more thought-out and arty than being the exact same décor on each side.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

A relatively new trend in home furnishings – probably following the ‘natural lines’ concept of the resurgent mid-century modern movement, originating in Scandinavia (possibly due to a surplus of pine trees…). One of these mirrors would take an average and boring bachelor pad, with normal men’s home décor, and transform it into a sophisticated and mature apartment.

If you wanted a sleeker version of the asymmetrical mirror – which would work well in a modern apartment that is more urban, or perhaps just less rustic, then the below ‘skinny mirrors’ (I just made that phrase up) will be perfect for the modern man in a modern bachelor pad.

EDGEWOOD Asymmetrical Accent Wall Mounted Mirror

WXF Irregular Dressing Mirror

BIKARSOUL Irregular Wall

Alright, thanks for checking out our article, check out some more below if you are furnishing a new place, need tips on decorating small apartment for men, or just general ideas on all things male living space.

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