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Top 20 Coolest Low Height Bed Frame Ideas for Men

If you are moving into a new place soon, or need some cool ideas on furnishing your college apartment, you may be wondering ‘do I need a bedframe’? This question is a philosophical existential, utilitarian, even stoic one. Indeed we here at FurnishHim have covered (get it, covered?) the topic extensively.

cool Samurai bedroom
all it’s missing is a morally questionable Waifu pillow…

Low height beds are typically a Japanese Design feature (presumably because the Japanese are scared that Godzilla could be hiding under their beds if there was a big space under there) however, recent popularity of the minimalist movement has meant that stylish, low beds, have now entered the modern bedroom décor arena.

But, are there any benefits for low beds? Honestly, it seems like sleep science journals have better things to do than research this, as we couldn’t find any by searching through scientific articles; so lets just assume that you are doing it for aesthetics – because low bed frames do look cool, almost mysterious and tantric – two pretty cool traits for a masculine bedroom we would say. A low height bed might also be a good tip if you are asking yourself ‘how to furnish small bedroom’ – as the room may appear larger. However, we would recommend a larger bed which has storage space built in, if you have a smaller apartment; check out our popular article on how to furnish a small apartment for men here, after you’ve read this one of course!

Remember, when you are furnishing a room with a low bed height, you need to manage the rest of the décor in the room, so it doesn’t look like a fair ground mad house. Let’s take a look at some and see how to achieve this for a cool low height bed men’s room.

Masculine black bedroom

A room fit for Darth Vader – this low bed could probably benefit from some kind of headboard though. We like the cow skin-type rug half layered under the bed – it makes a cool effect. Having a side table which is the same height as the low bed is a great décor idea. Something like the above would be appropriate for tips on floor bed ideas for a small room.

Cool industrial bedroom with low bed

This one is a bit ‘promo-y’ (how many people have un-rendered concrete walls?) But still, you can get inspiration from those cool little lamps by the side, which add a nice accent to the bed. This one has enough space to slide some storage underneath too (a bonus for a low height bed).

Low height bedframe with side table

Low bedframe with low side tables with symmetrical lamps. Make sure you plan on what low side tables you’re going to get with your low bed frame. You can imagine that the above scene would look unusual with full sized side tables.

low bed and chair made of crates

And alas, there you can just about see to the right of the low bed the normal sized side table! And as you can see, it looks a bit funny, it’s slightly off. A smaller side table would certainly look better. Having a big plant is a cool idea though – you can imagine laying down in the low bed looking up through the leaves like some kind of wild camping. Very minimalist and outdoorsy. If you have room in your bedroom, you may want to consider getting low height seating for your room too.

Low profile bedroom furniture

This is a great example of a modern low height bedroom. The levels are all right – look at the side table and the low profile couch too. The whole bedroom is really cool and congruent. The grey color scheme is masculine and subtle. A nice top to make a cool bedroom even cooler is to add a big painting or piece of artwork above the bed like the above room – it always makes for a cool bedroom.

Neon bedroom lights with low bed

Okay, this one is kind of corny… BUT we’ve chosen it because we like the tall lamps adjacent to the headboards, that’s about all we like about this room unfortunately…

Mid-century modern low frame bed

Low floor bed design in the mid-century modern style, with added low height bedroom furniture with those side tables, oh AND that big plant. And if you’re liking the look of that distressed rug – check out our dedicated distressed carpet article. When you go to buy a low height bed, many of them will also have low height furniture sets for offer.

Cool samurai low height bed
mature hardwood low frame bed

These above, two, low height bedrooms have some interesting backboards to fill in the space above the mattress. This is great way of filling out the room so it doesn’t look bare.

Industrial simplistic wooden low height bedroom.

Industrial, simplistic. wooden low height bedroom. Complete with a low height desk and side table. Well, the table isn’t that low, but at least it is congruent with the rest of the décor. You can see how having a sizable piece of artwork behind the bed would enhance this look greatly. Maybe a photo of some wildebeest crossing a river – you get the idea.

Floating bed frame

This one isn’t particularly low-height but we thought we’d include it anyway because a floating bed frame is pretty cool…

bookcase low height bed

A low height bed and a bookcase, nice! Matching height side table is also there, you’ll notice a theme with those in this article. One of the negative aspects of a low bedframe is not having any storage, so this is a pretty cool idea.

Cool low bed frame

We like this one (all though clearly a promo) as it even has a low height pseudo-ottoman; i.e. that little suitcase at the base of the bed, so sweet. Honestly though, if this was my room I probably wouldn’t have a random pallet of wood in the corner…

Modern sunken bed frame

Partly sunken beds have an interesting aesthetic. you don’t often see them so they are a cool feature for cool male bedroom design. I’m not so sure I’d have so many candles next to my wooden bed frame but they are places on some nice low height side tables at least.

Cool low bed with black duvet

Here’s another cool example of a fresh looking, wooden, low bed frame with matching low height furniture. The asymmetrical sized lamps are a nice touch too.

cool leather low bed

Luxurious brown leather low bed frame with black and white carpet. If you like the grey look of the décor you might like our very popular grey accent wall article.

Still not convinced? Then check out our no bedframe article here for ideas on how to correctly (yes there is a correct way – especially if you don’t want girls to thing your no bedframe is lame); additionally, check out our philosophical debate on the topic here.

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