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13 Awesome Balcony Man Cave Ideas

You’ve heard of balconies, of course, you’ve also heard of man caves (obviously), but have you heard of a – totally made up by us 10 minutes ago – man cave balcony? No you haven’t. How can one have cave on a balcony? You can’t but you can incorporate all of the cool themes from mancaves and apply them to your balcony to transform it into a cool man cave balcony. Whether you have small balcony or a large one there are several ways of transforming it into an awesome balcony.

You could make a temporary man cave on your balcony if the weather is nice and you have some spare bean bags or seats, for example. If you have a small balcony and want ideas on how to use it – then you could throw a small BBQ on there for that keto diet! If you have a larger balcony and want large balcony ideas then you can even invest in a projector and screen to have an awesome balcony movie night! Check out the below ideas on how to man cave up your balcony!

Balcony movie night

cool balcony movie night

Alright, kicking it off with a balcony man cave, crate haven. This is a large balcony space here. We’ve got the cozy day bed (with dips!) and a TV placed on a temporary crate TV unit. That’s a nice alternative to those unreliable outdoor TVs. Additionally, a projector would be a good alternative for a cool balcony movie night.

Balcony wine night

balcony wine cellar

A balcony bar with pretty big mini- fridge and alcohol on top. This would make a nice sophisticated wine night balcony. Or a degenerate man cave beer night! Add a small accent side table and a DIY crate seat at the other end of the balcony and you’re good to go.

Cool balcony garden

cool balcony garden and seating

Adding a small balcony garden is an advantage that a balcony mancave has over a regular man cave – you can’t really have a garden in a basement… Adding a small accent table and some throws and pillows to your outdoor seating will add to the coziness of the mancave balcony.

Budget Dan Bilzerian ‘Balcony’

outdoor man cave

Alright, this one isn’t really very realistic, or very ‘balcony’ but if you have a large sum of money and some land then you could realistically create the above with some DIY where-with-all and contractors! You could have an outdoor man cave! Sort of like an adult play ground…

Mini fridge balcony

balcony mini fridge

Ah, a proper balcony – this is a good idea for an outdoor mini-fridge for beer (god forbid you walk 4 meters to the full sized fridge) placing the plug unit within the wooden cabinet will prevent it from getting wet obviously. You could add some bar utensils to the top of the cabinet for a full blown balcony bar.

Balcony BBQ

balcony BBQ

Another benefit of having a mancave on a bacony? You can BBQ meat! Get the keto diet in whilst watching your crate TV on a balcony day bed – I mean, you’d need a big balcony for that but it’s possible. Failing that, even if you have a small balcony, such as the above, then you can easily fit a BBQ on it.

Balcony Superbowl set up

outdoor balcony TV

Now that’s a man cave balcony! An outdoor TV, BBQ, log burner, seating. We’re not sure how waterproof outside TVs are, but we wouldn’t recommend one! Take a look at the below photo for a smarter way to watch TV or movies on you’re balcony.

Day bed with projector on balcony

Balcony projector movie night

There we go! If you are wondering ‘how can I watch TV on my balcony? Then the answer must be to get a projector and watch (I’m just going to guess, Shrek?) it that way. A day bed at one end of the balcony and a projector at the other end, cozy. For recommendations on projectors, which includes gaming projectors so you can game on your balcony – check out our article: The 3 Top Short Throw Projectors For Next Gen Gaming – Under $1000 – FURNISH HIM

Bean bag seating on balcony

cool ass black bean bags

A couple of black bean bags for seating with added homemade ottomans made out of pillows! All this needs is a monitor or projector set up with a mini fridge of beer and you suddenly have yourself a budget man cave on your balcony!

Balcony Office

Balcony office space

This is a funny looking balcony as it seems to be totally closed off! But still you could fit this chair at the end of a balcony for a cool office space. The wooden shelving is also a nice idea if you happen to have an enclosed balcony.

Bean bag balcony

cool balcony space

Two heavy black bean bags and a cool wooden clad wall which matches the flooring. Again, we may be stretching the definition of balcony here but we still think this kind of set up is possible for a cool balcony for men.

Off grid balcony

Cabin in the woods balcony

Get off the grid with this cabin in the woods balcony man cave with comfy chairs and a stags horns above. Not all balconies have to be suave and cosmopolitan, they can be homely and off-grid as well.

Garden wall and couch balcony man cave

Balcony couch

This spacious and comfortable balcony corner idea could be easily converted into a man cave type balcony with a few additions – chuck in an accent barrel side table or and add some man cave wall decor to man it up a bit.

If you enjoyed the above balcony man cave ideas, check out our other popular cool balcony designs for men article: Top 1 Billion Balcony Garden Ideas For Bachelors (Definitely not Clickbait)

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